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What should the space between furniture be
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7 Home Decor Measurements You Need to Know

Are you struggling with knowing what size of rug to buy? Wondering how high to hang your art or lighting? Are you looking for a quick & easy way to make your room look like it was designed by a pro? These common home decor measurements will help get you well on your way! Read on to learn several important rules of thumb in interior design that help take the guesswork out of decorating your home.Continue reading

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How to Use Color in Home Decor

As much as I enjoy a base of neutral colour like white or soft grey, I LOVE adding in pops of colour through accents and accessories in my home! As part of my Simple Decorating Tips series, today I want to share with you some simple tricks on how to use colour in your home decor – plus I’m giving you a free printable PDF color wheel for your reference!Continue reading

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Mantel Decorating Ideas – How to Style a Mantel 2 Different Ways

Over on my YouTube channel, I’ve decided to dedicate every Wednesday for the next little while to sharing some of my favourite, simple decorating tips. Last week I shared my 5 favourite home decor essential items, and today I want to share another home decorating tip with you: how to decorate a fireplace mantel! Adding seasonal decor to a mantel (or a shelf that serves as a mantel) can instantly make your home feel ready for the season.Continue reading

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5 Home Decor Essentials You Need

If you love decorating your home like I do, starting with a base of timeless decor essentials will serve you well year after year. You’ll use these 5 things over and over again, and they’ll never go out of style. You can spend a lot or a little on them depending on your budget, but if you invest a little extra money into these decorating essentials, they should last you a very long time! Here are 5 basic decor items I think every home decorator should own:Continue reading