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5 Things You Need in Your Man Cave (+ A Video Tour of Ours!)

Since designing Hubby’s man cave last year, it’s been one of our favourite rooms in the house. We have spent many, many nights down here after the kids are in bed relaxing and watching Netflix together. Since last year, my husband has been adding beautiful details to this room like custom LED lighting, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the updates with you, 5 things that I’d recommend having in YOUR man cave, plus a video tour of ours!Continue reading

Modern Industrial Basement Design
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Modern Industrial Basement Makeover

While I enjoy decorating rooms in our own home, I love to makeover my friends’ rooms even more! It’s such a privilege to be able to work with my friends and family to DIY and decorate their spaces. It’s also super fun – can you say paint party?! You might remember that I was helping my friend, Cheryl, give her basement a makeover. Today, I’m so excited to share this modern industrial basement makeover with you.Continue reading

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How to Shop for Accessories for a Room

Accessories in a room are like jewelry with an outfit – they can add so much personality and sparkle to the whole look! I had the pleasure of shopping with one of my good friends, Cheryl, at The Brick this morning for her basement makeover. Let me share with you all of the goodies we found plus some easy tips on how to make accessories shopping a snap!Continue reading

A beautiful vintage industrial kitchen featuring black and white Ikea cabinets, turquoise accents and a Carrara marble stone panel backsplash.
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A Marble Panel Backsplash for Our DIY Kitchen

Patience is a virtue for life in general… and for decorating. I completely believe in slowly and carefully piecing your home’s decor together by choosing every element with intention and only purchasing things that you absolutely adore. When we designed and built the kitchen in Our DIY House, we left the backsplash bare because I wasn’t 100% sure of what I wanted there and I didn’t want to slap something up that I didn’t totally love. We were also on a budget and we couldn’t afford the beautiful Carrara marbles that I was picturing for the space. The backsplash has been bare for almost two years, and now I am just thrilled to say that we’ve found and installed the perfect backsplash for the space! Come have a peek.Continue reading