A beautiful, colorful craft room office wall with pegboard for storage, baskets, #DIY garlands, art and hanging mason jar storage.
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A Craft Room Office Pegboard Gallery Wall (With Video Tour)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know what a huge mess my office is! It’s definitely even more of a disaster after Christmas crafty season. YIKES. I made it my mission in January to tidy it up and make it easier to work in again. You might have seen my craft room office mood board last Friday with all of the fun colours and beautiful furniture I plan on incorporating in the space, and today I’m sharing with you a mini tour of the pegboard gallery wall we installed above my desk!
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9 Favourite Ways to Display and Store Kids’ Artwork

In a feeble attempt to start organizing my home, I started sifting through Little C’s bins of artwork we have stuffed in various places throughout our garage house. I adore every little bit of art she creates, be it a sheep made out of cotton balls or her first ever “people” that looked like potatoes on stilts.

I had no choice but to put many pieces in the recycling bin – one can only keep so much paper! Imagine keeping every piece of art your child makes for their whole lives? You’d have a houseful! I’ve been researching creative ideas on how to store and display children’s art, and there are so many wonderful ideas out there. Here are some of my favourites; I hope you find them inspiring too!

9 Favourite Ways to Store and Display Kids' Artwork - The DIY Mommy

  1. Clipboard Art Display from Clean & Scentisible
  2. Children’s Drawings as Art (Rod & Clip Display) from The Style Files
  3. Mailing Tubes as Art Storage from Martha Stewart
  4. Kid’s Artwork Scrapbook from Glass Half Full
  5. Framed Children’s Art in a Bedroom from Velvet & Linen
  6. Art on a Duvet Cover from A Thousand Words
  7. Art Collage in a Big Frame from Decor8
  8. Kid’s Artwork on Upcycled Cabinet Doors from I Heart Organizing
  9. Artwork and Photo Displays from A Thousand Words

Do you keep your children’s artwork? How do you display or store it?