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5 Things You Need in Your Man Cave (+ A Video Tour of Ours!)

Since designing Hubby’s man cave last year, it’s been one of our favourite rooms in the house. We have spent many, many nights down here after the kids are in bed relaxing and watching Netflix together. Since last year, my husband has been adding beautiful details to this room like custom LED lighting, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the updates with you, 5 things that I’d recommend having in YOUR man cave, plus a video tour of ours!Continue reading

An ultra modern theater room / movie room / man cave design with marble panel artwork in black, grey and rust orange
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Our Ultra Modern Theater Room Man Cave Reveal

Sometimes the most fun home decor and design projects are the ones you do for someone else. They stretch your imagination and force you to put your feet in someone else’s shoes – what will they like? What will make them happy and comfortable in this room? The new, ultra modern theater room / man cave I helped my hubby design was a project just like this. I’ve been waiting for a while to be able to share this reveal with you, and I’m so excited that the day is finally here! Meet our new basement theater room┬áthat was designed solely with the love of my life in mind – my dear husband.Continue reading

An Ultra Modern Man Cave / Theatre Room Design Idea. Black sectional, grey shag rug, dark gold accents, chrome accents, and nods to outer space.
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Mood Board: An Ultra Modern Theater Room / Man Cave

It’s fun to work a little outside of your comfort zone, isn’t it? It’s a challenge in life in general and in home decor too! One of my latest projects has been helping my husband design a theater room in our basement. It’s always been his dream to have a bit of a “man cave” in our home, and I’m so thrilled (and so is he!) to be able to help make his dream come true this year with help from our friends at The Brick. I want him to be comfortable in this room, and I want it to feel like it’s his own style. He loves and ultra modern look. Originally, he told me he wanted the room to scream Star Trek (oh man, he’s a huge Trekkie), but I was able to convince him that we could make the theater room have the FEEL of space without actually having a massive Enterprise┬ámural on the wall. *wink* Hence, our “Ultra Modern Theater Room” theme.Continue reading