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How to Ice Cupcakes – Tip Tuesday

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Give your loved ones an extra squeeze today, and let them know how much they mean to you. I thought it would be fitting to share my absolute favourite way to ice cupcakes just in case you wanted to bake a special treat this week. Whether you try the classic or the rose design, this method of icing cupcakes always makes them look extra fancy!

How to Ice Rose Cupcakes - Video

Watch this short video below to learn my favourite method of icing cupcakes:

Have a lovely day, my friends!

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How to Style a Sectional – Tip Tuesday

Because a sectional sofa is so long with at least one corner, it’s often a little tricky to style with pillows and blankets. Here’s my no-fail pillow + throw placement for sectionals – I think this formula works great every time!

An easy formula for styling a sectional

I always start with a blanket first. I’ll drape it over the corner of the sectional as shown in the photo above, or fold it over the chaise end of the sectional as shown in the video below.

Next, I’ll plump up the corner of the sectional with three throw pillows of varying sizes. Finally, I’ll place two pillows of different sizes near the arm of the sofa end of the sectional.

Watch this super-quick video below to see my favourite, easy way to style a sectional:

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