Take DIY Back-To-School Memory Photos (& A Free Printable Sign)

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It’s amazing how quickly children grow, and it’s even more amazing how their likes and dislikes can change from year to year. I love to see the changes in my girls every year, and I’m trying really hard (despite my disorganized self) to record them so that we have fun memories to look back on together when they’re older.

Something I’m trying to do with my kids is to take DIY “first day of school” memory photos of them every year and note what some of their likes where right on the photo. Here’s Little C’s from last year:

Take DIY Back-To-School Memories Photos - Free Printable Sign!

Wow, can I ever see so many changes in her already this year as she embarks on her second year of playschool! It’s getting me all teary-eyed just looking at this photo.

Want to make your own DIY memory photos of your children this year? Simply head on over here and download these free first & last day of school sign printables, then have your child pose in their first day of school outfit holding the sign. Make sure to take several photos, and leave some with room on one side to write memories.

Later on, pull the photo into Photoshop or any other photo editing program and type your child’s name, the school year, and their “loves” or “favourite things”.

What a fun keepsake!

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