The Best Clear Organizing Bins of 2024

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As a visual organizer, I adore using clear organizing bins so I can see my stuff. Here are my absolute favourite clear bins of the year, why I love them, and where to find them!

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Are you like me? You forget you have something if it’s tucked away deep into a closet or drawer? You enjoy colour, pattern, and having your things on display? If so, you might also be a visual organizer (get some tricks on how to be a better visual organizer here). Because this is me, using clear organizing bins in various areas of my home helps me stay organized. Whether it’s in my fridge or my storage room, the clear containers keep my items organized by theme, but I can still see what I have so it doesn’t get lost. I do still use opaque or fabric containers every now and then for storage, but clear containers are what I use most.

Best Clear Organizing Bins from Amazon

There are two main places I like to buy my organizing bins: Amazon and IKEA. In the section below, I’ll share the best Amazon containers I’ve found.

Clear Pantry Bins from Amazon

These clear pantry organizer bins are also highly rated and come in a 2, 4, 6 or 8 pack. At 11 x 8 x 6 inches, they’re a nice size for most pantries. You could use them for food storage, or even cleaning supply storage! They’d also be great in a closet to corral seasonal accessories like mittens and gloves. I like that these clear contaienrs have a handle on either side for easy access. This is especially helpful if you have them sitting on a higher shelf in your pantry or closet.

Refrigerator Bins Set from Amazon

This set of refrigerator organizers from Amazon are the ones I have in my own fridge. I LOVE them! They’re a larger size than most fridge containers I’ve found, so they take better advantage of the depth of my fridge. I decided to label mine with my Cricut to help my family and me put everything back into its spot. I especially like the egg container with the lid! There’s a separate little compartment for each egg, and I’ve even discovered that you can stack the eggs when you have a few too many for the container! You can place the containers in stacks if you want, or use them like I have here. I have two on each shelf in my fridge, and I use mine for meat, cooking essentials, dairy products like cheese and dips, snacks, and yogurt.

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Draw Organizer Set from Amazon

If you’re looking for clear bins suitable for organizing drawers, this 16 piece set is perfect! It’s also highly rated, and all the containers are only 2 inches high to fit in most drawers. I’ve used plastic bins similar to this that I found at the dollar store to organize items in our powder room vanity drawer. The act of placing similar themed items in containers like this really helps my family know where everything is! These would also be handy in kitchen cabinet drawers to organize baking essentials like cookie cutters, or in a desk drawer to organize office supplies like pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. I would also use these in a closet drawer to sort and store things like belts, scarves, ties, and even socks.

Large Clear Bins with Latches from Amazon

Finally, if large storage bins are what you need you can’t go wrong with these Sterilite containers. At 26.125 x 16.25 x 13.5 inches, they’re large enough for seasonal storage, or to store personal items in your storage unit or garage. The reviews note that they have strong latches, which is something I find lacking in most large containers like this.

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I have similar clear organizing bins in the storage room in my work studio. I like to be able to see my seasonal decor items when I’m working on client projects (and my own projects!), and these ones are perfect. Latching lids help to keep any dust and moisture out of the containers, so they help keep any seasonal clothing or decor free from damage or smells. You can use dry erase markers to label the exterior of these containers to keep everything in place, or use sticker paper to make labels to help organize all your items.

Best Clear Organizing Bins from IKEA

You probably know by now that I’m a bit of an IKEA fanatic. Not only do I find IKEA budget-friendly, but I find that most of their items are well made and last a long time.

Budget Friendly Small Pantry Organization Ideas

Clear Pantry Bins from IKEA

My favourite clear pantry bins are the ones I have in my own pantry – the IKEA 365+ line of containers. I love that they fit my IKEA kitchen cabinets so perfectly, and their latched lids work wonderfully. The snap-and-lock lids prevent leaks and creates an air tight seal – perfect for food storage! These bins are also dishwasher-safe. I use a couple of large ones and several small ones to store dry goods in the drawers of my pantry like flour, sugar, and rice.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizers from IKEA

The GODMORGON clear organizing bins from IKEA are fantastic for organizing your bathroom drawers and shelves. I use the one with compartments for my makeup, and the smaller bins for items like skin care and hand sanitizer. They’re made of a heavy smoke coloured plastic, and I think they’re well laid out for all of the smaller items I like to store in my bathroom drawers. For durability, I find these organizers to be top notch! I labeled the sections on mine with my Cricut, but you could use dry-erase markers to label these instead.

Large Clear Organizing Bins from IKEA

For clear storage bins for larger items in a storage room, IKEA’s SAMLA bins are a great pick. These bins range in size, so you can find one that suits your shelf size. They’re made of clear Polypropylene with air-tight lids, so they are a good choice for storing seasonal items that you don’t want to get dusty or dirty. They’re also a great price point – they’re currently starting at only $13.99 CDN each! Because you can buy them up to 39L in size, they’re great for storing a variety of items.

So, there you have it – several of my best picks for clear organizing bins this year. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these, or if I’ve missed any of your personal organization favourites. Happy organizing!

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