I shared my family’s latest news on Instagram and Facebook last night:

I'm going to be a mom of THREE! The DIY Mommy

I’m going to be a mom of THREE in February!

I’m thrilled and terrified at the same time, if that’s possible. We were debating the leap from 2 kids to 3 kids for a little while and then it just… happened.

I’ve heard jumping from 2 to 3 is a little crazy. Suddenly, the children outnumber the adults and you have a full crew of littles on your hands (or running out of your hands in all directions).

There will definitely be some maternity clothes DIY’s and newborn baby DIY’s in my near future to share (once the sickness and exhaustion subsides), but what’s really on my mind is:

Do you have 3+ kids? Is it really as crazy (in an insane, wonderful way) as I’ve heard?