The Roof’s Almost On & There Are SO Many Decisions! – Mom’s Lake House Project

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It’s April, and we’re finally getting a roof on Mom’s Lake House. If you follow my blog, you might remember that we’re working on a lake house build with my parents and it’s been a huge and exciting project! If you’re new, you can start here to read about the house plans, and then pop over here to see the first level of the home going up. Like most (if not all!) home builds and renovations, this project has been taking a little longer than planned. We’ve battle with extreme weather conditions (it was -30 degrees celcius here for lots of January and February) and bumps along the road. This month, we’re so excited to see the second story of the home being framed, and the roof going up. The shape of the home is now visible, and it’s gorgeous! Let me show you what it looks like now, and share with you some of the design dilemma’s we’re having.

Here’s how Mom’s Lake House looks right now. It’s so neat to see the shape of the roof and the second story up! The site is REALLY muddy, and you’ll see in the video at the end of this post how hard is was for me to get inside to shoot.

Here’s the view when you walk in from the garage entry door. I’m still loving that lake view through the huge windows, and I’m still so glad my mom made this a priority in the home design. To the left will be the kitchen & dining room, and the right is the living room. There was an issue with keeping this space bulkhead-free, but a steel beam in the center of the ceiling solved that problem.

If you do a 180 degree turn, here’s how the main entrance and the staircase looks so far.

Here’s the initial view at the top of the stairs. This will be an open study area, two spare bedrooms and a bathroom.

Turning around, you’ll see my favourite part – the master suite. Again, I adore the view here, and the vaulted ceiling detail in the master bedroom on the right is fabulous.

What sort of ceiling detail would you add to the master bedroom ceiling? We’re thinking about some sort of shiplap or planking and maybe some rustic beams!

We’ve already encountered a lot of design dilemmas – and I’ll share them all with you as we go along – but one of the main ones for this stage is:

What colour should the siding of Mom’s Lake House be?

My mom like the look of a light lake house, so initially we were thinking of Linen siding (bottom) with white trim (top).

Then, second guessing ourselves as to the lack of contrast with that scheme, we’re now considering Sand siding (bottom) with white trim (middle).

Which would YOU choose?

I’m going to do my best to capture as much of the process as I can via video on my YouTube channel. Here’s Episode 2 of #MomsLakeHouse!

Mom's Lake House
Stay tuned to this blog and my YouTube channel for monthly updates on #MomsLakeHouse.


  1. Sand siding all the way! In my experience with vinyl siding, it fades. So if you start off with minimal contast, you may end up with no contrast in just a few years (or worse, it will look like the siding is supposed to be white and it’s dirty). Sand siding will also help the house stand out from the snow during our long winters! ?

  2. Hi Lindsay. I’m so happy you got your roof up. I like the idea of the light colored siding. I think it would make for a better color contrast against the trees. I also wanted to let you know that when I was sliding through your photos I thought your dog was a bear at first lol. I was like omg, what’s a bear doing there? Then I took a closer look and realized it was your dog lol. Anyway, thought you would get a good laugh at that. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you Amy for the sweet comments. Christina and I sure giggled that you thought her dog looked like a bear?
      Christina is so happy you stopped on by. ?

  3. Hi Christina,

    Such a wonderful project. Looks like hard work, but I know the results are well worth the effort.

    Cheers Sharon…

  4. I loved reading your post-Lindsay. I’m happy that you were able to get your roof, I learned a lot of ideas I can do as well in my roof good thing I landed in your blog and take my time to read it. More for power for you girl!

  5. I think I have found a great concept for my house. I should get the ideas from here, is that ok with you? I think your house construction concept is superb.

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