Tips For Decorating After Christmas: Easy, Cheap, And DIY

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January can be a tricky time for decorating, can’t it? Christmas is over and it feels like it’s time to put away the Christmas tree, its ornaments, and anything else that is clearly Christmas related. But as the new year approaches, there’s still so much winter left. Today, I’m sharing some winter decor ideas after Christmas that will get you through the dark months by cheering up your space and reminding you of everything there is to love about snow and cold. After all, they are the perfect reason to stay inside and be cozy! I hope you find something here you love that will make you smile about winter.

Christina Dennis, The DIY Mommy

Cozy, Scandi Inspired DIY Faux Fur Stool Upcycle

I’ve been trying to use more of what I already have on hand to make home decor and crafts. This sweet little stool was made with a counter stool I already owned. I’m so happy with how it turned out! I took this outdated counter-height bar stool, cut down the legs, and reupholstered it with this lovely faux-fur fabric. Just like that, I turned it into a lovely neutral accent piece for a cozy winter living room.  I love that it gives me winter-y, Scandinavian vibes and that it was upcycled from something I already had on hand.

Turn a plain wooden counter stool into a cozy, Scandi inspired faux fur accent stool.

Make a Cozy, Luxurious Faux Fur Throw Blanket

I love a good fuzzy blanket and this one is the SOFTEST! I recently made it for our living room refresh this month. It’s one of my favourite DIY blankets ever. This blanket is perfect for snuggling up next to the fireplace with candles on the mantel and coffee table, and a good book in hand while snowflakes drift to the ground outside.  Can’t you just picture it? Learn how to sew this luxurious faux fur throw blanket today with my simple step-by-step tutorial! This gorgeous DIY faux fur blanket would be a wonderful addition to your winter home decor. It’s easy enough for even a beginner seamstress. All you need is a basic sewing machine and this Lux Fur fabric and this Soft Minky fabric from  1 ยฝ yards of each is enough to make a 47 x 53″ small throw blanket.

Luxurious, cozy DIY faux fur blanket tutorial

Make a Winter Wall Hanging for Under $10

There’s nothing like that first snowfall, is there? It’s always a bittersweet day for us up here in Alberta, Canada. We sigh because we realize we need to dig out our winter boots, make sure the snow tires are on the car, and brace ourselves for freezing weather. But then we remember how beautiful and exciting winter is up here too! Not only is our landscape transformed into a frozen white wonderland, but there is never-ending entertainment that comes with the snow. Why am I going on and on about winter? Because I snapped a beautiful picture of the first snow one year out my kitchen window, and I loved it so much I decided to turn it into a wall-hanging  for my winter decor after Christmas. Here’s what you need: 

  • black & white photo printed on 36″ x 24″ paper (an “engineering print”)
  • two 37″ strips of thin wood (I used door stop trim)
  • 2 small eye screws
  • twine
  • glue gun
  • wood stain / paint

Using these materials I turned my beautiful photograph into a DIY winter wall hanging for less than $10!  Don’t have your own snowy Canadian woodland scene? You can download my high-res photo here.  Now you too can make your own wall-hanging for a beautiful natural element in your winter decor! Just visit the post for the full instructions.

How to make a beautiful winter forest scene wall hanging - free photo download included!

IKEA Hack : Make a Cozy Pom Pom Throw Blanket

Confession: I still love pom poms and I will not apologize. They’re so cute and happy looking! I wanted a chunky knit pom-pom trimmed throw blanket in our home for winter, but they can be expensive to purchase. Look at this lovely blanket for $140! I adore it, but I thought I could make something just as cute for less money.

Enter the IKEA INGABRITTA throw blanket. I have this soft knit blanket in both off white and pink, and it’s only $30. It’s very soft and very oversized, so it’s a great value.

To give the blanket some interest and a little DIY flair, all I did was create 4 large pom-poms with chunky off-white yarn using my favourite pom-pom maker!

Then, I tied one pom-pom onto each of the four corners of my blanket using more chunky yarn. It’s a simple hack that makes the blanket look so high-end!

Now that you get the general idea, I’m giving you the full instructions for this Cozy Pom Pom Throw Blanket. I know you will love it, and it’s such a cheap and easy way to add interest to your blanket basket during the winter months!

IKEA hack: pom-pom throw blanket!

How to Make a DIY Centerpiece From a Thrifted Wooden Bowl

Sometimes, thrifting leads to beautiful and unexpected surprise projects. When I found an $8 wooden bowl at Value Village, I knew that I could turn it into a gorgeous, rustic centerpiece inspired by one I saw at Pottery Barn for $99. The only thing I added to the bowl itself was a simple  gold leaf edge to make it more interesting. Then I filled it with candles and twinkle lights (check out my post to see how I made sure everything was the right height for the bowl), and set it in the middle of my table to light up our evenings. I love this idea for winter decor after Christmas! You could add greenery or red berries too, for a beautiful winter-y effect!

January Decorating Ideas for a Cozy & Welcoming Home This Winter

The fact is, there are ways to decorate for winter that aren’t festive, but just celebrate everything great about being cozy and bright in this darkest part of the year.  I have some great ideas here for how to walk the winter-not-Christmas line in January! Items that look festive when combined with Christmas decor but are actually neutral on their own should be left out and not packed away.  Think candles, twinkle lights (your friend in almost any season), classic greenery like eucalyptus garland, and undecorated mini trees.  White is a great January colour (the colour of snow, after all!) and it’s easy and pretty. Don’t forget to add lots of texture and different textiles for comfy coziness. Faux fur, chunky knits, and other blankets and pillows are the way to go here. I hope you’re getting the idea! For more inspiration, I’m sharing a tour of my home decorated for January. I think you will spot how I’ve used many of the tips I’ve already shared plus maybe a few more.

January & Winter Decorating Ideas

Make a Heart Shaped Book Page Wreath

Wreaths are just a good idea at any time of year. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to hang on your door in January! You want to avoid a Christmas-y feeling holiday wreath, but there’s no other holiday in sight just yet either.  For a great transition piece, try this Heart Shaped Book Page Wreath! This was actually my very first YouTube video tutorial when I first got started (find the original post right here). I still love the romantic, shabby chic look of this book page wreath. The best part? This white heart is neutral enough to work as a wonderful winter decor idea, but can also work for Valentine’s Day in February with no extra decorating necessary! I am a big fan of keeping things simple, and this pretty little craft checks all the boxes. You can even get your kids to help for some good quality family time!

DIY Heart Shaped Book Page Wreath Video Tutorial

Make Rustic Felt & Wood Trees

Looking for some winter-y decor that will see you straight through till spring? Sometimes it’s hard to find something for the winter season that doesn’t have a Christmas look.  If you want to go beyond neutral winter whites for something a little different, look no farther! These felt evergreen tree decorations can be left out all winter long. They’re a cute winter tabletop display with the addition of faux snow and twinkle lights. You can also put them on your mantel with some miniature deer or a snowman for a charming rustic vignette. They make a cozy winter decor item to keep the winter enjoyment spirit going. I just love how these turned out!

Make Rustic Felt & Wood Trees for Winter & Christmas Decor

Sew a DIY Pillow Cover in Velvet With an Exposed Zipper

Velvet’s always been a favourite fabric of mine, and I especially love it in the colder months for its soft and warm look. I used it to create this gorgeous teal pillow with an exposed copper zipper, and I think it’s the perfect look for winter decor. The fabric is rich and luxurious and adds beautiful texture to any couch. The copper zipper adds depth and colour as well. The perfect addition to your living room winter decor after christmas! And I’m giving you the full instructions, including a tutorial video to make it extra easy.

How to make a gorgeous velvet pillow with an exposed metallic zipper - full sewing tutorial

Make a DIY Macrame Boho Chandelier with Fairy Lights

I believe one of the best ways to combat the darkness of winter is with twinkle lights.  Add them to a macrame project that is really fun and easy to create, and you’ve got something to make you smile all season long! I’m talking about my DIY Macrame Boho Chandelier with Fairy Lights. This is such a fun project that can be hung inside or outside. This is a great beginner’s macrame project because it only involves two simple types of macrame knots: a lark’s head knot and a square knot. Hang it outside on your porch or outside your kitchen window where you can see it lighting the darkness. Or, find somewhere inside to hang it for a cozy, bright addition to your space.

DIY Macrame Boho Chandelier with Fairy Lights

There you have it! A whole bunch of ideas for winter decor after Christmas.  I love the variety of all these winter decor ideas because there’s definitely something for everyone here! I would love to see what you decide to try in your own home this winter season, tag me @thediymommy with your creations!

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