A Recyled Ice Cream Pail as a Budget Craft Material by The DIY Mommy

I was chuckling to myself the other day as I was making this scalloped bunting banner for Baby A’s new room about how often I used recycled ice cream pails as my crafting material (I was using an ice cream pail lid as a stencil for the scallops).

I’m very easily amused. I’m also very frugal (especially now with this monster sucking up all of our resources), so I’m finding myself recycling more and more household items and craft supplies on hand to make things. Why not, right? It’s cheap, it’s a good use of resources, and it’s fun to re-purpose old things into new things.

Here are some things I’ve used an ice cream pail as material on so far:

…and I’m sure there are more that I’ve forgotten. I think you could also use parts of an ice cream pail as boning for a nursing cover, stiffening for many different projects, and wouldn’t it be fun to try to make one of these capiz shell mobiles/chandeliers out of it?

Could you make a capiz shell light out of a recycled ice cream pail? - The DIY Mommy

Plus, there’s one really great bonus from upcycling all of these ice cream pails…


Are you a budget crafter? What materials do you like to reuse?