Video: Sew Soft Baby Slippers

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One of the very first tutorials and sewing patterns that I published to this blog was this one – how to sew soft baby slippers. Even after almost 6 years, it’s still one of my most visited posts and I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s creations. Thanks for emailing me your photos and questions about my baby booties tutorial! I’ve had a few questions asking for a video tutorial on how to make these.

A free soft baby slippers / booties pattern and tutorial with video

It’s taken me almost 6 years, but I’ve done it! I hope you enjoy this video tutorial. Click here to read the original tutorial that contains the free printable baby slippers pattern.

You can view more of my video tutorials and video room tours on my YouTube channel. Thanks so much for watching!


  1. Oh thank you so much! These are perfect for hospital slippers! My grandson will have surgery and he wants dino slippers, so I’m going to attempt to make these cuties. can you tell me please how to make them in a size 9/10?
    Thanks so much,
    new blog subscriber
    new ytube subsriber

      1. Hello, I was wondering if you were able to figure out a pattern for 12-up. I am also looking with no luck 🙁
        Could you please share if you got one.
        Thank you

  2. Thanks for the pattern & tutorial! I’ve had sew much fun making these little shoes. I was wondering if you can use flannel?

  3. Hi, I can’t thank you enough for both doing the video & for the pattern pieces. I have one question, when I print out the pattern do I do it at 100%?!

  4. I’m so excited to try and make these for my sister in laws baby but do you have a toddler sized pattern I am struggling to find on similar for my almost 2 year old.

  5. I make up the newborn baby baskets for Family First in Oracle Arizona ( a non profit Christian Pregnancy Center and Family Life Education 501C iprogram for my church. Since it gets cold in the Winter I have been making newborn jackets, pants n mittens. The soft slippers are great when paired with socks It took me quite a while to finally get the toe pieces correcctly attached to the elastic “U” but now I am good! They are fast and easy, thank YOU!

    1. That’s great Claudia! Thank YOU for working so hard on these baskets to support Family First 🙂 Christina would love to see the slippers or baskets when you’re done if you’d like to tag her on instagram or Facebook in a photo, she’s @thediymommy

      All the Best,

      Sarah – The DIY Mommy Assistant

  6. Hi, I would like a pattern for larger kids sizes, for a 3 yr old (size 7). I see many have asked for larger pattern sizes for kids but you haven’t responded. Please respond.
    Thank you

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