DIY Advent Calendar

Create an easy

with crystals inside!

This holiday season, create an easy DIY Advent calendar for kids! See how to make a unique day-by-day calendar with crystals inside.

An Advent calendar is a collection of numbered packages, one of which is opened on each day of Advent, typically to reveal a picture or small gift. You can create any sort of Advent calendar tradition that you like!

To create this simple Advent calendar, hang the tree-shaped wall decoration on your wall, and then find 25 small paper bags that will fit on the wall shelf.

I found my small white paper bags at Dollarama. Next, print the following FREE Advent stickers I created on sticker paper. Once you’ve printed and cut out your circular stickers, place one on each of the 25 bags.

Insert crystals (or whatever you want) inside each of the Advent bags. Then, fold the tops of each bag over about 1/2″. Finally, punch a hole in the top center of each bag, tie a bow through the hole with thin ribbon, and place each bag on the wall hanging shelf.

DIY Advent Calendar

Create an Easy