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fall blankets

Want to instantly make your home feel cozy for the autumn season? Here’s my ultimate list of fall blankets to buy or DIY!

This DIY fall blanket is so easy: simply add some handmade pom-poms to a cheap IKEA blanket!

Even if you don’t know how to knit, this blanket is easy to make! You can use your arms to knit this blanket with chunky yarn, and create it really quickly.

One of the coziest textures for fall decor is faux fur. You can make a luxurious faux fur blanket with a couple rectangles of fabric and a sewing machine.

If you want a piece that doubles as a scarf AND a blanket, make this simple blanket scarf. It requires no sewing at all.

Another simple DIY blanket idea is to weave contrasting yarn through a cream coloured IKEA blanket. You can create a fall inspired plaid pattern in your favourite colours.

diy fall blanket ideas

to make your home feel cozy