with a Cricut


Want an easy way to decorate for fall? Learn how to make a simple DIY fall cutting board with a Cricut!

Start with a large wooden cutting board. Mine is a round shape that’s about 12″ in diameter.

Next, open up Cricut Design Space and create a new project. Click on the “Images” menu and find your favourite fall text image to use for your cutting board and insert it into your project. Resize the image so that it fits on your board with about an inch of room around it.

Place some removable white vinyl onto your Cricut mat, and then send your design to your Cricut machine.

Once your design is cut onto your vinyl, weed away any excess vinyl.

Place some transfer tape on top of your design and smooth it down.

Flip the design over, and carefully remove the vinyl’s backing.

Center the design on your cutting board and smooth it down.

Finally, carefully remove the transfer tape and your simple DIY fall cutting board is complete!

How to make a

Fall cutting board

with a Cricut.