Creating DIY Gift Baskets

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Gift baskets are my favourite kind of gift to give. By curating a collection of items that your recipient will love, you can show them how well you know & care for them. DIY gift baskets can also be extremely budget-friendly. They are perfect for Christmas because you can easily customize a basket to be festive and thoughtful, without spending much at all.

Why a DIY gift basket?

Why a DIY gift basket?

Your gift basket can be completely unique to the person you’re giving it to. Put as many or as few items in the basket as you’d like, and create a fun theme that your friend or family member will love!

Gift basket container ideas:

One way to elevate a DIY gift basket is to use a creative container. Instead of a classic basket, use another container that matches the aesthetic of the items you’re using. For example, you could use a beautiful mixing bowl for a pancake-themed gift basket. Or a lovely glass pitcher for a gift basket with mulled wine ingredients.

How can I make dollar store baskets look nice?

Choose items that have a similar theme & colour scheme. Then, choose a basket that matches the feel of the items and fill it with recyclable shredded paper to match.

DIY Your Own Holiday Gift Basket

30+ ideas!