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Learn how to build a potting bench from pallets, recycled lumber and an antique window with this step-by-step tutorial.

Here's how I made a cute, rustic potting bench from a pallet, 4 lengths of old lumber and an antique window.

First, cut the pallet in half lengthwise with a skill saw to create two pieces for the top and bottom shelf of the potting bench.

You may also have to cut some width off of your pallet to make it match your window's width.

Next you use deck screws to fasten the 36" long 2x4 pieces of wood to the front outside corners of one of pallet shelves.

Then, fasten the 68" 2x6 pieces of wood to the back outside corners of the same pallet shelf.

Then, carefully place the antique window between the back two pieces of wood and fasten the window.

Place the bottom pallet shelf in between the legs at the bottom of the potting bench and screw the legs to the pallet shelf.

As a finishing touch, I managed to find another piece of scrap 2x4 that I cut to size and used as a top shelf on my potting bench.

I made a little sign with some leftover wood & an acrylic paint pen to attach to the top of the potting bench.

I decided to paint mine, but you can leave yours looking rustic.


I attached this cute little chalkboard hook to store scissors and pruners.

And there you have it.


from pallets & an antique window.

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