I use laminated cotton for making reusable bags. You get all the convenience and function of the plastic baggies without the chemicals, and you get to reuse them too!

Cut out two rectangles of laminated fabric that measure 7 ½" wide by 16 ½" long. I chose to cut my lining pieces and outer piece out of the same kind of fabric.


Place the pieces of fabric right sides together and sew around three sides (using a ½" seam allowance), leaving one short end of the bag open.

Turn the rectangle right-side-out so the wrong sides are showing, and then fold the short edges in about a ½" and top stitch to close the remaining short end.

Finger press around the perimeter of the rectangle. Cut a piece of velcro that's about 6" long and sew the "hook" side to the top edge of your rectangle as shown (use the side without the top stitching) and the "loop" side to the opposite end of the rectangle.

Fold the bottom edge up so that the bottom velcro is facing outward and its edge is about 2 ½" from the top edge. Then top stitch around three sides of the snack bag and finish the top flap.