How to Wrap Your Christmas Baking

I’m always trying to create interesting ways to wrap edible Christmas gifts. I think homemade cookies and breads are such an easy and heartfelt gift to give to neighbors and friends, don’t you? Today, I want to share with you a few fun ways to package your Christmas baking gifts this year!

Cut a piece of wrapping paper and one of wax paper that is big enough to wrap around the cookies and tie on each end. Layer the papers (the wax paper against the cookies), wrap them around the cookies, and tie each end with some string. Pop a sticker label on and your cookies are ready to give!

The Cookie Roll

Wrap your bread in waxed paper – like a gift. Cut some wrapping paper long enough to wrap around the loaf and about 6″ wide. Tape the wrapping paper around your loaf, then tie some ribbon around it, pull some faux berries through the ribbon, and finish the whole thing off with a sticker label!

The Bread Wrapper

This one’s a classic no-brainer, but I still love it! Put the cookies on a plate, wrap in plastic wrap, and embellish with the ribbon, greenery and ornament.

The Cookie Plate

Cut the kraft paper into a rectangle and round the top edge if desired. Fold it as shown, and stitch around the perimeter to secure.

The Cookie Bag

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