We’re Outta the Hole! – Mom’s Lake House Project

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It’s been a while (3 months, to be exact) since I’ve shared an update on my Mom’s Lake House project with you, so I’m so excited to be finally able to show you what’s been happening today! We are “out of the hole” now with this build, and I remember how exciting this stage felt when we built our own home. The basement walls are done, the first floor is on, and now the walls are going up.

If you didn’t catch how the lot looked with the giant basement hole, you can see that here.

Mom's Lake House project February 2017

Here’s how the home site looks now! This is the view as you walk up the driveway. The garage hasn’t been framed yet, but this door on the left will lead from the garage to the mud room entry. The door on the right is the main door to my parents’ soon-to-be gorgeous Hamptons beach style home.

Mom's Lake House project February 2017

Walking into the home, I’m instantly overtaken by the massive windows with the lake view. I’m so glad my mom chose to make the immediate view when you walk into the house a priority – it’s breathtaking!

Mom's Lake House project February 2017

This main floor is open-concept, so right here will be the living room.

Mom's Lake House project February 2017

On the left will be the dining room and kitchen. We’re still working out how the kitchen will be laid out, but it will have a large island that will take advantage of this beautiful lake view.

Mom's Lake House project February 2017 Mom's Lake House project February 2017

This patio door will lead onto a back deck that will be perfect for morning coffees and summer BBQs. I have a feeling that we’ll be enjoying lots of time together here at Mom’s lake house later this year!

This building process so far has been interesting and exciting. As you can imagine, working with ones parents has it’s pros and cons, as does working with ones husband! My dear hubby has some pretty strong opinions and so does my mom, but I think so far they’ve done really well hashing out the details of this build.

I’ve enjoyed helping my mom source some finishing options for the home (our favourite part!), and I can’t wait to start sharing those with you here. You might have seen a sneak peek at some of our flooring ideas on my Instagram and Facebook page!

I’m going to do my best to capture as much of the process as I can via video on my YouTube channel. Here’s Episode 1 of #MomsLakeHouse!

Mom's Lake House
Stay tuned to this blog and my YouTube channel for monthly updates on #MomsLakeHouse.


  1. Great progress on Mom’s Lake House! The open-concept design and lake view are remarkable. It aligns well with the creative transformations we showcase on Insta Pro. Looking forward to seeing the finished space.

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