What is Coastal Grandmother Decor? (and how to achieve it!)

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As you all know, part of what I do here is keep on top of current trends and then find ways to bring them to you in a budget-friendly way.  This involves keeping my ear to the ground via TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, other blogs, and the world at large! This next trend which I am just thrilled about is called Coastal Grandmother Decor, a term coined by Instagram influencer Lex Nicoleta. I am in love with it! 

What is Coastal Grandmother Decor?

This is a trend rooted firmly in nostalgic pop culture for us millennial folk. I am absolutely here for it! Think Diane Keaton and her house in Something’s Gotta Give for a really good picture of this style. Coastal Grandmother home decor involves beachy colours and textures. Think neutrals, whites, and blues, and natural breezy materials like rattan and leather. This style boasts cozy interiors with a luxurious feel. Big white sofas with lots of cushions in neutral hues, fresh hydrangeas adorning coffee tables, linen curtains, and bowls of lemons all set the stage.

I have discovered that I’ve been a Coastal Grandma for much of my adult life! So instead of teaching you a whole new design trend, I will just give you some throwbacks to previous projects where I was nailing coastal grandmother decor before anyone else even knew it was a thing! In this round up, I’ve gathered several posts that demonstrate features of this beautiful “new” style. Hopefully, you can get some reminders and put them to use in your own house. Enjoy, all my coastal grandmas in training!

Modern Coastal Living Room Makeover

Come see how Sean and I transformed the living room in our lake house rental from a boring and awkward space to a beautiful modern coastal living room with a DIY shiplap fireplace and adorable office nook. A white shiplap wall is an affordable way to get the coastal grandmother vibe! You will see all kinds of other accents that help achieve this look. Whites, blues, and neutrals, a comfy vintage wicker chair, throw pillows on the couch, and a breezy wide open layout all do the trick. 

See how a boring, dated living room was transformed into a coastal modern farmhouse space with a DIY shiplap fireplace and adorable office nook with storage.

A Coastal Cottage Balcony Makeover

Most of the information you will read online about coastal grandmother home decor focuses on the inside of the house, but there’s no reason we can’t bring it outside as well! Come get some simple summer balcony, patio, or porch decor ideas as I decorate my mom’s beautiful lake house balcony with coastal cottage accents. You will notice the shades of blue and white, the throws and pillows, and the touches of florals, books, and wicker items that all give this balcony a coastal grandmother vibe. 

Country Cottage Small Balcony Decor with DIY Striped Fringed Umbrella

Traditional Coastal Cottage Living Room Reveal

My parents finished decorating their beautiful lake house living room, and is it ever gorgeous! It has so many perfect traditional cottage details. I can picture us spending a lot of time here in the summertime. Come check out their beautiful neutral coloured furniture paired with gorgeous pillows and other textiles. There are also beachy items like decorative seagrass, blue-tinted glass bottles, and lanterns. This is all perfect for coastal vibes of the grandmotherish sort! 

Traditional Coastal Cottage Living Room Decor Ideas

How to Sew Curtains (Easy-to-Follow Steps)

As I previously mentioned, linen is a perfect coastal grandmother accent that adds so much to this look. One of the best ways to incorporate linen into any room is by hanging linen curtains. It is one of those beautiful rustic textiles that instantly adds a homey, beachy feel to your space. Let me show you how to sew curtains with pleater tape for a beautiful and professional end result. These DIY curtains are a great beginner project if you’re new to sewing. They can completely change the look of your space! 

Learn how to sew drapes with pleater tape with this simple DIY curtain tutorial

Mom’s Lake House Summer Tour

In this full tour of my mom’s lake house, you can take a peek at how we were true coastal grandmothers around here before the world knew how great it could be! Take a closer look at the living room that fits this lifestyle, then do a little spin and check out the kitchen and dining area. White cupboards and light counters do a lot to encourage a coastal grandmother look. Can’t you just picture Ina Garten cooking in here? Moving on to the primary bedroom, we see a coastal grandmother’s dream room, with white furniture, light bedding, beachy bedside accessories, and a gorgeous shiplap peaked ceiling! Even the laundry room gives the right feel, with white cabinetry, wood counter tops, little splashes of blue accents, and floral prints. 

Lake House Summer Decor Home Tour

A Simple Summer Lake House Entry

Don’t forget to add coastal grandmother vibes to the entryway of your house! Let your friends and family feel welcome and like they have walked into a Nancy Meyers movie the second they come through your door. For some inspiration, check out how my mom achieved this look in her own lakehouse entryway! Neutral artwork on the wall, wood and wicker furniture and decor, and of course, blues and whites and floral print all give the right feel. It doesn’t hurt that you can actually see the lake from her front door as well! 

Lake House Summer Entry Decor

Our Adventurous Summer Mantel Decor

Lastly, bring the coastal grandmother vibe to your living room with a decorated mantel! This summer mantel decorating idea features fun summer adventure and coastal themed items in blues and greens. It also includes a simple DIY “adventure awaits” vintage map sign and an easy scrap wood and fabric sailboat craft. The large brimmed hat is the ultimate nod to a coastal grandma theme!

Summer mantel decor idea - blues, greens & coastal accents

There you have it! Lots of coastal grandmother ideas to help you bring this beautiful look to your entire house.  I would love to see the finished results you create. Tag me @thediymommy with all things coastal grandma. Happy decorating!

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