“You Are Loved” Free Nursery Printable

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Yesterday was one of those days with my children where my patience was non-existent.

I was extra snappy, extra tired, and I wasn’t exactly the mother that I’d like to be.

I’m sure you have these moments too. You go to sleep with some regrets and hope to wake up in the morning with extra hugs and kisses for their little faces, a kinder voice, and more patience to hear their wee requests.

I hope my children always know how much I love them, despite the grouchy and stressful times. I hope they know they’re loved in their terrible twos, and I hope they know it when we have power struggles in their teens (I’ve only heard of this phenomenon and I’m bracing myself for that phase of life).

My own mom reminded me a short while ago that it’s certainly OK to show negative emotions in front of your children. We all have rough moments and terrible days and maybe they’re chances to teach your children the importance of communication or hugs or prayer.

I’ve made a simple piece of artwork for Baby A’s new nursery to remind her of how much her mommy loves her. I think it will match the “sunny woodland” theme I have planned for it just perfectly.

"You Are Loved" Free Nursery Printable by The DIY Mommy

I think this would look adorable with a white mat in a black or white frame hanging in a baby’s nursery.

If you want to download and print one for your own little girl or guy, click here to download the PDF (it’s an 8 x 10″ printable).

How do you deal with bad days around your children?


  1. Aww mama.. We ALL have these moments. Sometimes I think they’re almost necessary because it reminds us how hard we love our littles. – Love the print! When I was pregnant I painted a canvas with these words. So simple and true. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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