Welcome to Your DIY Blog – a collection of information I’ll be posting over the next few weeks about blogging.¬†This new series on my blog and my YouTube channel will explore how to have your own successful DIY blog. I’ve had many questions about blogging and how to turn it into a part time job, and I want to share my experiences that I’ve gleaned from almost 6 years of blogging with you! I hope you find this new series helpful and please comment below if you have any specific questions about blogging that you’d like me to cover.

Today I’m sharing with you how to choose a topic for your blog and how to choose a name for your blog. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch a video chat about this topic.

 Your DIY Blog: Blogging tips from The DIY Mommy

Your DIY Blog: How to choose your blog topic and your blog name. Great tips!

What should you blog about?

Write about what you love. It’s that easy. Do you love making stuff like I do? Write about that! Are you passionate about your faith? Share that! Do you love being a mom and want to encourage and inspire other moms? Tell us all about that. Are you a passionate poet? Write a blog about your poetry.

Your topic can be as broad or as narrow as you want it to be, but I find that establishing your special “niche” will really help set you apart. Maybe you love to scuba dive, but you also want to write about your other interests. You could consider making the bulk of your posts about scuba diving, but then throwing in posts about your day-to-day life or things that inspire you. My blog started out as solely a DIY blog, but I’ve started to weave in more “lifestyle” posts on day-to-day living, and those have been a lot of fun and have helped me open up.

Just imagine yourself writing about a topic for years, and decide if you love it enough to write about it that much. If you can, then make your blog about that!

I love this quote from Julia Child. Click on the image to download a free PDF printable 8 x 10″ of this artwork I made just for you!

Find something you are passionate about, and keep tremendously interested in it. - Julia Child quote

What should you call your blog?

When choosing a name for your blog, it’s really important to first check and see what domain names are available. I use GoDaddy.com to register my domain names, so I’d recommend searching through them to see what’s available. You might have to get quite creative with your blog’s name in order to find a domain name that’s available. A quirky or made up name can be fun and unique! Pick something that’s easy to remember, that isn’t hard to say, and that you won’t mind keeping for a long time.

To register your domain name, you can purchase it through GoDaddy and choose how long you want to own the domain for. Domain names are relatively cheap (only around $10/year) and it’s worth it to purchase the one you want as soon as possible so that no one else can buy it.

Today’s video:

Next week, I’ll share with you how to find a web hosting provider for your blog, and how to hook up your domain name to your hosting. I’ll also talk about how to install WordPress onto your new hosting package – it’s my blog engine of choice!

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