It’s been an absolutely perfect summer so far for gardening in Alberta. Last year was so very dry, and this year we’re getting a generous amount of rain and sunshine. Let me give you a tour of our little flower and fruit bed in front of our house. You might just get some ideas for your own zone  2 or 3 perennial and fruit garden, too!

Morden Blush and Morden Belle Roses

We live near Edmonton, Alberta, so our climate is quite cold. I’m really happy with all of the plants we’ve chosen for our front beds so far – they’ve all come back after our cold winter, and they’re LOVING our perfectly warm and wet summer this year!

Summer 2016 Garden Tour

Morden Blush Roses

These Morden Blush roses are my definite favourites in our garden. They’re incredibly hardy, and oh-so-beautiful. Isn’t this colour gorgeous?! We must have hundreds and hundreds of these blooming right now.

Morden Belle Roses

The Morden Belle roses are beautiful too.

Summer 2016 Garden Tour

I love how our front garden feels like a wild and lovely English garden with all of the happy rose bushes.

Want to see the rest? Come watch this video tour: