Boho Fall Wreath

DIY Romantic

Love dried florals, muted colours and romantic details as much as I do? You’ll enjoy making this DIY romantic boho fall wreath for autumn!

Begin by drying some orange slices:

- Cut an orange into 1/4" slices. - Arrange the slices on some parchment paper on a pan. - Place the pan in an oven at 175 degrees F for about 3 hours or until the orange slices have dried completely.

For the wreath:

- First, glue some faux fall leaves onto the lower left side of the metal hoop using a hot glue gun. - Next, glue some dried grasses on the top and bottom of the leaves.

- Then, gently rip a 4″ wide strip of satin fabric and tie a bow. Glue to the center of  your arrangement. - Hot glue some faux flowers near the bow. - Finally, glue some dried orange slices around the faux flowers.    

Hang up your wreath and enjoy it! I chose to hang mine in my living room, and I’ll share my fall living room decor with you soon!

Boho Fall Wreath

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