5 Easy Ways to Create

This Fall

a Calm and Clean Home

Here are a few simple things that will really help your home feel clean and calm this fall.

Involve the whole family in a simple after-supper cleaning routine


Have your kids do age appropriate chores to clean the kitchen and main areas after dinner, and you’ll all wake up to a tidier house in the morning.

Use calming scents while cleaning


Cleaning can be therapeutic, and adding some aromatherapy into your cleaning routine not only helps keep you calm during your clean, but after too.

Have a simple nighttime routine that will make mornings smoother


Do a few easy things that will make the morning more pleasant like pre-packing school lunches, planning breakfast, signing school papers, and finishing any tidying that needs to be done.

Add things to your online/paper calendar immediately so that you don’t forget them later


I use Google Calendar to keep track of our family’s events, but whether you have an online or paper agenda, the important thing is to write things down immediately. This will save you so much grief in the future and keep your home running calmly and smoothly.

Donate / dispose of / recycle as many items (or more) as you bring into your home to conquer clutter


Removing as much as you bring into your home will help keep your house clutter-free and clean.

5 ways to

this fall

create a calm & clean home