to start the school year off strong!

Closet Organization Ideas

5 Quick Kids’

Need some organization ideas for your kids’ closets? These 5 quick closet organization ideas will help make your child’s closet more functional and organized so you’re ready for the new school year ahead!

Do the purge together

The best thing you can do is take absolutely everything out of the closet. Set aside some time with your child to go through each item together and decide if it should be donated, recycled, trashed, or kept.

IKEA hack for more closet storage space

I used IKEA's Pax Wardrobe Unit and added shelves. Then, I mounted some clothing rods and floating shelves on either side of the unit.

Baskets, baskets and more baskets!

Baskets help corral like items together, and will help make the closet look more clean and organized.

Add labels to keep things in their place

Adding labels to baskets and bins will help both you and your child create a place for all the items in the closet and help maintain organization.

Don’t forget to leave some room in the closet!

Leave some blank space so that the closet doesn’t feel cluttered, and so that your child has space to add new items when they need them.

5 Quick Kids’

Closet Organization Ideas

Start the school year off strong with these