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with a stencil

Paint Tile Floors

Learn how to paint tile floors with a stencil using my step-by-step DIY tutorial. Get the look of brand new tile on a budget!

Prepping Your Tile:

This is probably the most important step!

01. I used an orbital        sander to sand        the tile to make it       rough.

03. Next, I taped off        the trim and        baseboards        around my tile        area with painter’s        tape as my final        prep work.

02. Then, I cleaned it thoroughly         with a de-greasing cleaner.        Carefully follow the        instructions for whatever        cleaner you choose. You have        to get rid of any dust, dirt,        grease, and grime so that the        paint will stick!

Then, I put some Rustoleum Charcoal Chalked paint in a paint tray and used a small paint brush to paint over the grout lines and into the edges of my tiled area.

Next, I took a high density foam paint roller and painted all of the tiles with the Charcoal Chalked paint. I ended up painting them with two coats.

Now comes the fun (but time-consuming) part!

I taped the stencil down onto the tile with painter’s tape. Using a foam roller with a very small amount of Linen White Chalked paint on it, I painted carefully over the stencil.

Once the tiles had dried thoroughly, I finished up by removing the painter’s tape and sealing everything with Varathane polyurethane in a satin finish. You could also do a high-gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish, depending on your preference.


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