2017 Zone 3 Garden Tour (Video)

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Our garden is in full bloom and I’m loving it! I’m truly a summer girl, and when all the flowers are blooming and the fruit is starting to ripen, I’m in my glory. And so are my kids! It’s heavenly.

Here’s a quick video tour of our 2017 flower, fruit and vegetable garden with some of the plants that we find grow well here near Edmonton. If you’re also in North America, that’s zone 3. Welcome to our garden!


  1. It always tickles me pink to see your garden since you and I live in the same area and I totally get what it’s like to garden in a harsh – but very beautiful – climate. Your spinach looks amazing! Mine was out on our south facing deck and was doing well until the heat wave and then it got sun scorched. Sigh. At least I got a couple of harvests out of it. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden!

    1. This heat has been crazy. You’re not alone with the fun scorching around the yard.
      Thanks for stopping by, Larissa.

  2. You will be happier with your peonies if you put hoop supports around them. Place them as the leaves are coming up in spring. The stems grow through the hoops and then the flowers don’t flop over. Yay. Take them off in fall and put them in the garage.

    I live in Zone 9 and it’s really too warm for peonies and good rhubarbo or blueberries. We have lots of roses though. I loved your peonies and the catmint and of course the pink roses. I also love Therese Bugnet. So much fragrance in those rose petals!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the awesome tip! Christina, is looking forward to trying out the hoop and seeing the difference it makes.
      Thanks for stopping by ?

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