Since we’ve built our home – and since I’ve grown in my knowledge of home design and decor – we’ve made a lot of different home decor choices and acquired some new furniture and accessories. I’ve been really happy with most of the decisions we’ve made with our home decor, though their have been some “misses”. Today I want to share with you 5 home decor choices that I’ve never regretted and why. I’ll also share some of the choices I’ve regretted with the hope that it will help guide your own home decor decisions. If you have young kids like we do, you’ll probably also be happy with these home decor picks!

Cozy Hygge Living Room Decor Ideas for Winter

A Light Wall Colour

When we built, I must have stared at THOUSANDS of room photos on Pinterest as I tried to sort out what colour we were going to paint the walls in our home. I determined that I loved the look of light & bright walls because it helped bounce the light around the room and offered flexibility with the colours of the rest of the items in the room. I’ve never regretted our light walls! My only wall colour regrets? We painted our master bedroom and Little B’s bedroom a dark, medium grey and I never really loved it. The nice thing about paint is that it’s easy to change!

Cozy Hygge Living Room Decor Ideas for Winter

Laminate Flooring

With our lifestyle (aka me as a messy housekeeper, three kids and two dogs), laminate flooring has been a choice that I’ve never regretted. It takes a beating and I still think it looks really pretty! Tile would have been too cold for our main floors, and real hardwood would be looking terrible by now. My only flooring regrets? As much as I love our laminate flooring, I wish I would have found something a little more matte in finish that didn’t show streaks and splotches as easily.

A Good Mattress

To me, mattresses sound like a very boring home decor item, but I couldn’t believe what a difference a good mattress made for our general well-being. Before we got this  Simmons Beautyrest® Hotel Diamond 5.0 Comfort Top Firm Low-Profile King Mattress Set, we had been sleeping on our 10 year old mattress and it was doing horrible things for my sleep pattern and my body. I’ve never regretted getting a high quality mattress, and now we’re working on upgrading all of the girls’ mattresses too. My only mattress regret? That we didn’t get a good one sooner.

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White Dishes and Linens

As a lover of colour, it seems funny that I’d promote plain white home decor items, but I’ve never regretted acquiring white dishes, bedding, towels, and other decor items like candlesticks, trays, and vases. White is bright and classic, and it’s great for layering beneath colourful items. If you’re going to splurge on dishes or linens, purchase them in white and they’ll never go out of style. My only dishes regret? I wish I would  have started collecting white dishes and serving ware from the start!

Cozy Hygge Living Room Decor Ideas for Winter

Comfortable, Neutral Furniture

Finally, I’ve never regretting getting my large furniture pieces like tables, sofas and beds in neutral colours and comfortable profiles. I love style, but I think function is more important when you have a growing family that wants to feel comfy and cozy in their home. This Paris sectional from The Brick has been so good to us (plus it’s comfy AND beautiful), and I know the colour and shape will look great in our home even if I change my style. I do love pops of bright colour in our home, but I usually save that for smaller items like throw pillows, accent tables, drapes and artwork. My only furniture regret? In the past, I haven’t paid attention to the scale of furniture and how it works in our room. I’m finally getting better at measuring both the furniture and our rooms to make sure the pieces will look good in proportion to everything else.

Overall, I’m happy with the majority of the home decor choices we’ve made in our home. I’m open to admitting the mistakes I’ve made a long the way, and I’m happy that we were able to fix most of them within our budget. Here’s to continuing to grow and change our home decor needs as our little family grows and changes too!

Tell me: Do YOU have any home decor regrets?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Brick. As always, all of the opinions here are my own.