DIY Floral Monogram Tumbler with Cricut

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It’s almost iced coffee season! Let’s make a pretty DIY floral monogram tumbler with Cricut that’s perfect for your Spring and Summer drinks. This tropical themed tumbler features a layered vinyl design, and you can customize the colours to suit your style. Learn how to make a DIY floral monogram tumbler with a Cricut machine! I’ve been having lots of fun this Spring making custom mugs and cups for myself, my friends and my family with my Cricut. You might remember my post about the new Mug Press, and I still love using regular ol’ vinyl for cup designs too! This DIY floral monogram tumbler is one of my new favourite cups, and it was a lot of fun to play with the layered vinyl technique to make it. DIY Floral Monogram Tumbler Today’s blog post is in collaboration with some of my favourite blogging friends. Before I share my DIY floral monogram tumbler, have a look at their gorgeous floral creations:  

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Now, let’s get into my DIY idea!

How to make a DIY floral monogram tumbler with a Cricut



To begin, create a new project in Cricut Design Space. Click “Images”, and then search for “Tropical Alphabet” or “#MFFB7DFD”. You’ll see this image set. Click the letter you want to use to add it to your project. You can resize the monogram to fit the size of your tumbler cup. I made mine 4 inches tall. Now, you can click “Make It” to send it to your Cricut! DIY Floral Monogram Tumbler I used a variety of colourful permanent vinyl that I had on hand to create my tumbler, but you can use whatever colours you love. DIY Floral Monogram Tumbler Design Space will prompt you to change your vinyl before each piece cuts. I weeded my vinyl pieces as the next one was cutting. (Weeding is when you remove any excess vinyl from your cut design.) DIY Floral Monogram Tumbler Once all of your pieces are cut, you can finish weeding them all and apply a piece of transfer tape on top of each one. This helps them transfer beautifully onto your cup. DIY Floral Monogram Tumbler Now, simply use your monogram image from Cricut as a guide and apply each layer of vinyl onto your tumbler. Make sure to wipe your tumbler first with a degreasing cleaner to get rid of any oils or debris. DIY Floral Monogram Tumbler For my tumbler, I ended up leaving out one of the layers because I was finding my design getting a little bulky. I still love the finished product, though!

Watch my video to see how I made this DIY floral tumbler:

DIY Floral Monogram Tumbler After applying each layer, make sure to smooth it down firmly and avoid touching the backs of each vinyl decal with your hands to keep them really sticky. DIY Floral Monogram Tumbler    These tumblers are hand-wash only, however you might want to apply a layer of Mod Podge over your finished design to completely seal it. I usually leave mine as-is, and remind my friends to hand wash their cups to keep them looking new. Happy crafting!


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