Make an Arm Knit Scarf

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Welcome to a week of easy, handmade scarf tutorials. It’s Scarf Week – like Shark Week, but far less frightening! From today until Friday, I’ll share with you 5 super-duper-simple handmade scarf tutorials that would make great gifts for your friends and family this Christmas season. These are seriously easy to knock out. I made all 5 scarves in a couple of little girl nap times over two days!

The first DIY scarf I want to share with you is a cozy, chunky arm knit scarf. I love how mine turned out! I’ve always wanted to try arm knitting, and it’s everything I imagined it would be. It’s SO fast, and a lot of fun.

DIY Easy Arm Knit Scarf Video Tutorial


  • a couple balls of really thick yarn – I used Premier Yarns Couture Jazz in Swan, but you could use any size 6 yarn, or double up some thinner yarn
  • a fat crochet hook (I didn’t have one, so I used my fingers)
  • your arms


This is the yarn I used (I ordered it online here), and it’s so fat and soft:

DIY Arm Knit Scarf Video Tutorial

I think I’d prefer to use a really thick yarn like this rather than working with two thinner yarns together to avoid snagging and a lot of holes.

DIY Arm Knit Scarf Video Tutorial

Here’s my arm with yarn on it as I sit by the fire an knit. This thing seriously took me 20 minutes to make. That’s including me figuring out how to tighten the yarn on my arms the best to achieve an even gauge.

Since it was virtually impossible to take photos of myself while doing this (the girls were sleeping and Hubby was at work), I’ll leave you with this lovely video tutorial from Simply Maggie. It’s the one I used to learn how to arm knit this scarf, and she does a fantastic job of explaining everything:

I followed Maggie’s directions exactly except for when she joins the scarf ends together. I didn’t have a massive crochet hook, so I just used my fingers to stitch through the scarf ends. It worked just fine.

DIY Arm Knit Scarf Video Tutorial

So pretty, right? The one I made is more like a large cowl, and it’s very soft and warm. I’m going to try to make another one this week and I think they’ll make great Christmas gifts!

DIY Arm Knit Scarf Video Tutorial

Come back tomorrow for another easy DIY scarf tutorial! Here’s the plan (the links will all work when the week is done):

5 Easy DIY Scarves to Make - Tutorials & Materials Suggestions

Monday: Arm Knit Scarf
Tuesday: Plaid Blanket Scarf
Wednesday: 15 Minute Infinity Scarf
Thursday: Fringed Infinity Scarf
Friday: Faux Fur Cowl


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