How to Make Perfect Chalkboard Art – Tip Tuesday

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Do you ever wonder how to get perfect looking chalkboard lettering every time? Well, I have a secret for you! I still love how chalkboard art looks, and it’s fun to change up a chalkboard to suit a new season or a special occasion. Here’s my little trick to making chalkboard lettering look great!

How to make perfect chalkboard art

The secret is to trace over some pre-printed artwork and transfer it to your chalkboard surface with carbon transfer paper. You can find this type of transfer paper at most craft stores or online.

How to make perfect chalkboard art

You can download my Home Sweet Home artwork for free right here, or find your own artwork online, print it out, and transfer it to your chalkboard with carbon transfer paper.

Watch this super-quick video below to see how to make perfect chalkboard art every time with transfer paper:

I hope that helped give you some confidence to make your own chalkboard art and stay tuned to my YouTube channel and The Brick’s Facebook page every Tuesday for more simple home decor & DIY tips.


  1. Finally, the secret is out! I wish I had a “pinterest fail” picture to share with you of my last attempt….not pretty.

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