I Have Loved You For This Many Days – Free Valentine or Anniversary Card Printable

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Sometimes it’s easy to start focusing more on the kiddos than the hubby, but really love & marriage were what came first before those precious bundles. I made this simple Valentine’s day card for my hubby as I thought about how far we’ve come together over almost 9 years of marriage (in March!) and how many days we’ve loved each other.

I Have Loved You For This Many Days - Free, romantic Valentine's Day or Anniversary card printable. So sweet!

(The tutorial for the crochet hearts bunting pictured above is here.)

My Hubs and I have had a bit of a wild ride over the past couple of years dealing with various challenges in our lives. It’s all made me realize how much we both have to continually work on our marriage and never, ever stop. Some days being married is so blissful and easy, and some days it is really hard.

I Have Loved You For This Many Days - Free, romantic Valentine's Day or Anniversary card printable. So sweet!

We are just two broken people in a broken world that are bound together in love under the ever-abundant grace of God. We are growing and learning alongside one another, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to to this with.

Do you have a Honey that you want to send this card to on Valentine’s Day this Saturday? Feel free to click here or on the graphic below to download a PDF version of this free Valentine’s Card.

I Have Loved You For This Many Days - Free, romantic Valentine's Day or Anniversary card printable. So sweet!

I found calculating the exact number of days that it’s been since when Hubby and I fell in love until now was really meaningful. I may have event shed a big, melancholy tear or two… *shifty eyes*. It’s been a thrilling, challenging, so-easy-some-days, so-hard-some-days, beautiful ride. I am so thankful for my main squeeze!

Tell me: What’s your best marriage advice?

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  1. This is precious!! Any ideas on what to give him with it?? Ugh, shopping for my man is such a task;). Thank you!!

  2. My best marriage advise:
    When arguing with your spouse ask yourself…. Will I still be upset about this next week? If you can say NO… Then don’t let another minute of life wasted on being angry and fighting about things that don’t matter!!! We are all human… We make mistakes… We say dumb things( especially when we are angry!!) and we are selfish by nature!! Learn to let things go…. Forgive quickly and you will love unconditionally!!! In all that you do tell yourself….. It’s not about me…. It’s about loving others more than yourself!! Oh and don’t set out to change your spouse….. Make a Change in yourself and you will be surprised how your spouse will end up changing!!! Xoxoxo

  3. Is a heartwarming and creative resource for expressing love on Valentine’s Day or any anniversary celebration. The free printable card featuring a countdown of days spent in love adds a personalized touch to the occasion. The post not only provides a beautifully designed card template but also serves as an inspiration for couples to celebrate the longevity of their love.

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