Make a Fairy Garden in a Thrifted Teacup

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Every year at about this time, I start to get the itch to garden. I can’t WAIT to get our flower beds all cleaned up for Spring and plant some veggies! Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to make the tiniest, cutest fairy garden in a thrifted teacup. Even though the plants in this little garden aren’t real, it still reminds me that Spring is coming and we can plant real flowers soon! Let me share with you how to make this adorable fairy garden in a thrifted teacup – it would make a fantastic gift or decor item for Spring.

How to make a fairy garden in a thrifted teacup

To begin, I found a beautiful vintage teacup at my local thrift store. I loved this one because of its rose pattern and gold details.

How to make a fairy garden in a thrifted teacup

Next, I filled my teacup with fine gravel. I made everything in this little fairy garden removable just in case I ever wanted to use the teacup as an actual teacup in the future! On top of the gravel, I added a mini faux tree, a tiny mushroom table and chair I found at Michaels, and I glued a miniature tea set on top of the table.

How to make a fairy garden in a thrifted teacup

I put some reindeer moss on the teacup and the saucer to add more greenery. Finally, I created a miniature ladder out of twigs from our woods and tacked that to the teacup with some small dabs of hot glue.

Watch my video below to learn how to make a tiny fairy garden in a thrifted tea cup:

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