Organize Your Kitchen with these 6 Dollar Store Items

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Get your kitchen organized with these simple and affordable dollar store kitchen organization ideas! Pick up these 6 items on your next dollar store shopping trip to easily organize your counter, drawers, fridge and cabinets.

Dollar Store Kitchen Organizing Ideas

January’s a great time to get organized, even if you’re not a huge fan of cleaning and organization like me! I need easy organizing solutions, so if you’re the same you might also like these simple ways to organize your kitchen this new year with 6 dollar store items.

1: Woven Plastic Baskets

Organized Tupperware Plastic Containers Storage

I love the plastic woven baskets from Dollarama, and they come in a variety of colours that will match any decor. I used white ones to organize my Tupperware / plastic storage containers . They’re great for corralling smaller items, and in my Tupperware drawer I’ve used them to store all of the container lids and smaller items. I also used one on my counter to store all of our electronics. The small holes in the woven style baskets are handy to thread charging cords though to phones and tablets. Don’t forget to measure your drawers before you head to the dollar store, and bring your measuring tape with you to find perfectly sized baskets and bins for your space.

2: Patterned Drawer Liners

The rolls of rubbery drawer liners you can find at the dollar store are a wonderful way to protect the bottoms of your drawers and cabinet shelves while making them look pretty and organized. I cut these liners to size and use them to line all of my kitchen cabinet drawers and shelves.

Dollar Store Fridge Organization Ideas

3: Clear Plastic Bins

Clear containers are a great organization solution for people like me that like to see items in order to remember they’re there! The clear bins you can find at the dollar store (I found these at Dollarama) can come in all shapes and sizes and they work so well for organizing the contents of your fridge. I used some to organize the snacks, meats, leftovers and drinks in our fridge, and I used my Cricut machine to cut out labels to stick on the containers to help keep things in the right spot. You could also use a white chalk pen to hand write labels on your clear containers.

4: Turntables

Instead of shuffling jars of food around your fridge to find things, try using a dollar store turntable to help organize and find things easily. I found a couple plastic turntables at Dollarama, arranged all of my jars of jam and condiments on them, and it made a huge difference in how our fridge looks and how easy it is to find things.

5: Adhesive Hooks

In the kitchen tools section of the dollar store, you can often find several different adhesive hooks in a variety of sizes and colours that are handy to use in your kitchen to organize all sorts of things. I’ve seen people use them to hang things inside their cupboard doors like measuring cups and spoons, and I’ve used one to hang my apron on the inside of my pantry door.

Dollar Store Under Sink Organization

6: Cupboard Door Caddy

The over-the-door caddies you can find at the dollar store work wonders for under sink organization. I’ve used one to store our dish scrubbies, dish brush and dish soap. Keeping things up and off the floor of your cabinets makes your cupboards look and function so much better.

Black and white Ikea kitchen with stained and sealed butcher block countertops, black stainless steel appliances, dollar store floral arrangement

I’m loving how our kitchen is functioning now simply with these 6 inexpensive items from the dollar store. It really completes our recent kitchen makeover and helps us start the year off feeling so much more organized! (Missed the details of our kitchen makeover? Check it out right here!)

Watch my video to learn how to organize your kitchen with these 6 dollar store items:

Now tell me: What are your favourite organization items from the dollar store?

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Dollar Store Kitchen Organizing Ideas


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