Are you decorating your home on a budget? These 5 no cost home decor ideas are free and so easy to do!

We often think we need a boat load of money to give a room in our home a makeover. It’s not true! You can definitely refresh your home with little to no budget with a few simple tricks. I love these ideas for giving the rooms in my house a refresh when the budget’s next to nil!

Watch my video to get my 5 No Cost Decorating Ideas:

Modern French Country Hygge Master Bedroom TourModern French Country Hygge Master Bedroom Tour

Our settee was in our dining room, but I love how it looks now in our bedroom!

Move Things Around

Moving furniture or smaller decor accessories from room to room (or even from one side of a room to another) can make a huge difference in the look of your home! Try swapping rugs or moving a sofa from one wall to another. You might be surprised at how different your home will look with simple changes using things you already have.

Use Free Printable Art & Decor

I love using free printable art and no-copyright vintage art online in my home. You can find so many beautiful pieces that you can easily print at home, frame, and hang on your walls. You can find all of my free printable art right here, or check out my Pinterest board here for more fabulous free printable art resources.

How to make faux mercury glass vases from recycled jars - this method doesn't use a water + vinegar spray prior to the spray paint!

Turn Recyclables into Decor

You might be surprised at all of the potential decor you can find in your recycling bin! I especially like to use glass jars as decor objects in my home. Turn a pickle jar into a mercury glass vase with some mirror spray paint, or turn baby food jars into spice jars with some paint and free printable labels. You can also use plain mason jars as craft supply or office supply holders.

How to make a fresh DIY Fall wreath out of foraged branches, leaves and pinecones

Use Nature as Decor

Nature is so beautiful, so why not bring it inside for seasonal decor? I love using branches in vases in the summer and Fall, and pinecones and evergreen boughs can make beautiful Winter decor like these DIY evergreen wreaths.

Sell and then Buy an Item on a Buy-Sell Site

A great way to bring a new item into your home without really spending a dime, is to sell something you have on a buy-sell site, and then use that money to buy something new (to you)! If you have a piece of furniture that you’ve outgrown or don’t love any more, sell it on a site like Kijiji or Facebook and then look for another used item that works better for your home. You can also often find people giving away furniture and decor on those sites for free!

These are some of my favourite ways to change up my decor for little to no money. It’s so fun to be creative on a budget!

Now tell me: How do you decorate your home for free? I’d love to get your tips and ideas!