DIY Dried Flower Art

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Making your own art is a wonderful way to get creative and personalize your home. This DIY dried flower art is unique, beautiful, and a lot of fun to create! Let me show you how.

When I found some art frames in the IKEA As-Is section, I knew I had to grab them and come up with a fun DIY. I had some dried flowers on hand, so I used those with some dollar store jute twine to create this unique woven art. This is such a pretty, textured piece that you could hang on your wall, or lean on a sideboard like I did in our entry. It’s so easy to make, too!

How to make art with dried flowers

Start with an empty photo frame. It can be any size you like, but mine is an 8×10 with a white mat.

Next, take the backing, glass/plastic, and mat out of the frame. If you don’t like the colour of the backing, you could glue on some coloured cardstock. However, I kept mine as-is. Wrap some jute twine around the backing about 20 times. You can use a piece of tape or small amount of hot glue to secure the beginning of the twine to the back of the backing.

Tie the end of the twine to the beginning of the twine at the back. Make sure it’s nice and snug against the cardboard backing.

Then, reassemble the frame by placing the mat back inside, and then the twine-wrapped backing.

Now, start to weave dried flower stems from the top to the bottom of the twine pieces. I used a few different types of dried florals including lavender, bunny tails, star flowers and pampas grass. I wove them through the twine in bunches. Trim the ends of the stems with scissors so that they fit inside the art frame.

I found my dried flowers here on Amazon and here on Etsy, but you can also dry your own. Use a flower press to press fresh flowers or leaves from your own garden or the flower shop, or hang herbs and flowers upside down for a few weeks to dry. There are so many beautiful crafts you can make with pressed or dried flowers; I have a beautiful wreath idea right here.

Once you have some larger stems woven through the twine, fill in some of the spaces with smaller dried florals like star flowers.

Finally, hang your flower artwork and enjoy it! It’s so easy to make this DIY dried floral art, and you can use your creativity to make this uniquely you. This art is a lovely addition to a gallery wall for some added texture. Make it match your decor perfectly! You could even create some of these to give as gifts! It could be a beautiful way to preserve & display special flowers from an event.

I hope you feel inspired to make your own DIY dried floral art. If you do, please share it on Instagram or Facebook and tag me @thediymommy. I’d love to see!

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