Home Decor Trends 2023: Get them on a budget!

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2023 is here and with that, comes new home decor trends. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer to shop for your home decor items —it looks to be an exciting year for creative ideas and stylish finds! Let’s talk about the best home decor trends of 2023 and how to get them on a budget.

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As someone who loves art and decorating, I always find researching the latest trends in home decor fascinating. It’s interesting to see what’s gaining popularity and why, and to experience the shifts in the industry. Personally, I enjoy switching up my decor now and then, so I often incorporate trends in our home IF I love them, if we can afford them, and if they work for our family. As a general rule, though: you should decorate your home for YOU and YOUR FAMILY regardless of what’s trending. If you love a trend, have fun with it and give it a try! If not, decorate your home in a way that makes YOU happy and comfortable.

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My living room is an eclectic mix of styles and items I love

As someone whose job is to scout out what people are loving in home decor and DIY, I’m always on the lookout for what’s new. I find decor trends online and in stores, and here’s where I usually look:

  • social media (what are people sharing and loving on TikTok, Instagram & Pinterest?)
  • Google Trends (what are people searching for?)
  • my favourite home decor stores (what’s new at Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, McGee & Co, Target, Crate & Barrel and could I make it for less?)
  • interior designers (what do some of my favourite interior designers have to say about this season’s trends?)
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Eco Conscious Decorating

One of the biggest 2023 home decor trends is using organic, eco-conscious materials such as bamboo, jute and cotton. We’ll start to see more natural materials in everything from furniture pieces to wall hangings. There will also be an emphasis on sustainability, especially when it comes to upcycling old furniture pieces into something entirely new — think giving that dated dresser a pop of color or salvaging wood planks to create unique shelves!

How to get this look on a budget?

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Rich Colours

Bold, rich colors in home decor will also continue to be popular this year. We’ll see bold blues, magentas, reds and greens making an appearance in 2023 trends. These bright colors will add a touch of vibrancy to our homes and make them more inviting!

How to get this look on a budget?

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1970s Influences

The 1970s are back and influencing interiors more than ever this year. Retro-style furniture pieces, bright colors, and warm wood tones will all be making a comeback. Bohemian home decor is also STILL having a moment — think macramé wall hangings, woven baskets, and rugs with wild patterns.

How to get this look on a budget?

  • Peruse your local thrift store or garage sales for 70s pieces like side tables, sideboards, sofas and decor accents.
  • Make your own macrame pieces like this DIY macrame table runner.
  • An inexpensive rug can make a room look completely different. My favourite sources for rugs are IKEA, Rugs USA, Ruggable and Home Depot Canada.
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Bold Marble

Gone are the more subtle marbles of years past. This year we’re seeing large-scale, bold marble being used in the home. We’ll see it used in tile floors, kitchen counters, and even as statement pieces like marble tables or mantles.

How to get this look on a budget?

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Traditional Style

In contrast to 1970s inspired style, many designers are using more traditional elements in room decor. Heirloom furniture pieces, classic artwork, and antique decor items are becoming a popular trend for 2023. Many people have been putting a modern twist on traditional decor by combining modern shaped furniture with more traditional elements like wallpaper.

How to get this look on a budget?

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Cozy cabin texture

We’ll also see cozy elements like plush throws and pillows, chunky knit blankets and eye-catching wall art. 2023 will be an ideal year to experiment with different textures in your home — think faux fur rugs, leather couches and velvet armchairs. The “cozy cabin” look is definitely in and it’s all about comfort and warmth.

How to get this look on a budget?

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Dark, Warm Wood Tones

Also trending this year are warm, darker wood tones. We’ll see these in flooring, furniture pieces and even wall decor. Dark wood adds a sense of coziness to a room and can be used as an accent or in more traditional style rooms.

How to get this look on a budget?

We used Behr’s color of the year – Blank Canvas – in our Tiny Lake House kitchen

Paint Colours of the Year for 2023

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is Raspberry Blush

Behr’s color of the year is Blank Canvas

Sherwin William’s color of the year is Redend Point

Glidden’s color of the year is Vining Ivy

The popular paint brands’ colours of the year are very interesting for 2023! While Behr’s, Sherwin William’s & Glidden’s colours are more on the earthy, soothing side, Benjamin Moore’s is vibrant and full of energy. We painted the walls in our Tiny Lake House Behr’s colour of the year – Blank Canvas – and it’s a gorgeous soft white tone. I love it!

This year we’re going to see some exciting new trends that will help us create beautiful spaces where we can relax and entertain! Whether you prefer bold colors or traditional design — 2023 has something for everyone. With the right touches, you can turn your space into a stylish oasis that reflects your personal style. Get creative and have fun with 2023 home decor trends!

Are you excited to try out 2023 home decor trends? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your ideas and tips for creating a beautiful home. Happy styling!

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