How to Cook Bulk Chicken for the Week – Tip Tuesday

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This might seem like a ridiculously easy recipe and concept, but this method has been life changing for me! If I bulk cook some chicken breast at the beginning of the week, I have it ready to go for any hot or cold meals I make for the rest of the week. It’s such a great way to save time & make healthy meals in a jiffy!

How to bulk cook chicken for the week

This method of pre-cooking chicken is really, really simple and I find it super-delicious. I bake the fresh chicken breasts in the oven with a sprinkling of poultry seasoning on top, and then I chop the breasts up into whatever sizes I need.

How to bulk cook chicken for the week

I like to slice some for salads and chop some into smaller pieces for casseroles and sauces. These ready-to-go chicken pieces are great for lots of different hot and cold dishes throughout the week.

How to bulk cook chicken for the week

These are also great to have on hand for kids’ lunches, too! Warm them up and put them in a hot thermos, or packย them cold with cheese cubes and crackers.

How to bulk cook chicken for the week

Watch my quick video to learn how to bulk cook chicken for the week:


  1. I also cook meat in bulk which saves me a ton of time, especially on days that I work and only have a few minutes to prepare dinner for the family.

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