Behind the Scenes: Blogging Office Essentials

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After blogging for almost 8 years now, I’ve come to love a certain group of items in my office. They’re my “essentials” that help me get through the day-to-day (still fun!) work that blogging has become. If you’re interested in becoming a part time blogger or a full time blogger like me (it’s still feels weird to say that!), you might also love this list of blogger office essentials. I’m also sharing a little peek at the end of this post at what my office and me look like after a day of blogging. Come have a look!

The following items are things I’d recommend that you invest in when you’re considering blogging as a job. Whether you have an actual room for an office in your home, or a little corner of your kitchen, these things are fabulous to have in your blogging office:

A list of blogging office essentials

  1. DSLR Camera
    I think this is the most important tool a blogger should own. Great photos are worth so much in this world of image-conscious consumers, and a good camera (paired with lots of practice and knowledge) is worth its weight in gold. This is the one I have, but I started with an entry level Nikon DSLR.
  2. Camera Lens
    I started shooting my blog photos with the kit lens that came with my camera, but I’d recommend investing in a better lens as soon as you can to shoot better photos. This is my favourite lens for blogging.
  3. Blog Planner
    Whether you like using a paper calendar, or the calendar on your phone, having some sort of planner is essential to scheduling your blog posts and planning your editorial calendar for the year.
  4. Filing Cabinet
    Don’t forget that bloggers need to keep track of all of their paperwork like contracts with brands, receipts and media kits. I love this filing cabinet from The Brick, or you can DIY one like I did in my own office.
  5. Laptop
    After my larger desktop computer kicked the bucket in the Fall, I purchased this laptop to take its place. I’d highly recommend getting a laptop for blogging so that you can blog on the go! Make sure it has a lot of storage space and memory for your photos, videos and graphic editing programs.
  6. Coffee
    It’s self-explanatory.
  7. A Cute Pen to Hide from Your Kids
    It’s for brainstorming your blog posts in your planner (or on random scraps of paper like I do).
  8. A Desk
    I love this desk from The Brick, and it’s nice and compact for almost any little corner you get to blog in. Plus, it’s so chic!
  9. A Comfy Office Chair
    Believe me, you’ll be sitting A LOT as a blogger so a comfy chair is a must. This is the one I have, and it’s a million times better than the dining chairs I used to sit on while I was blogging!

Here’s what my blogging office looks like when I stage and clean it for photos:

And here’s my desk and me after a few hours of blogging. We’re a mess, but this is real life:

Next project: tidying my office (AGAIN) and fixing my hair. 🙂

Tell me: Do you blog? What are YOUR blogging office essentials?

Your DIY Blog: Blogging tips from The DIY MommyYour DIY Blog is a collection of information on my blog and my YouTube channel that explores how to have your own successful DIY & lifestyle blog. I’ve had many questions about blogging and how to turn it into a part time job, and I want to share the knowledge that I’ve gleaned from several years of blogging with you! I hope you find this series helpful and please comment below if you have any specific questions about blogging that you’d like me to cover.

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  1. Great post! A couple things I need when I’m blogging …. a nice view when I’m daydreaming or need inspiration. I have 2 spots I blog from. Our couch in the great room in front of the fireplace or my home office, which faces a bank of 4 windows in our turret. Looks out over our little meadow. I also need a warm blanket to be cozy, a mug of hot tea and a pad of paper to write down ideas as they come up. I’d love to blog fulltime but don’t know the steps to take to make this a venture vs. just a hobby. Doing some reading today on the subject and am thankful for your blog and your inspiring posts!


  2. Love this list and agree with them all…. except for coffee! Haha! Still can’t drink that stuff but love tea! Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

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