How to Pick Out the Perfect Headboard for Your Bedroom

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No matter the size, shape or size of your space, learn my tips on how to pick the perfect headboard for your bedroom.

How to pick out the perfect headboard for your bedroom

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We recently transformed our basement storage room into a romantic modern farmhouse guest bedroom retreat, and one of the main elements of this space was a beautiful upholstered headboard called the Oslo Queen Headboard from The Brick. With a bed being the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom, having a comfortable and beautiful headboard is really important! Come see how we chose this headboard, plus get some tips on how to choose one for your own bedroom makeover.

Tip 1: Consider the Size of Your Bedroom

How to pick out the perfect headboard for your bedroom

Knowing the size of your bedroom is essential in choosing a suitable headboard for your space. If you have a smaller room to work with like we did here, buying a headboard and a simple metal bed frame is a great alternative to purchasing an entire bed with side boards and a foot board. You can find lots of headboard-only options at The Brick, and they’re a smart way to save both space and money on your bedroom makeover!

Tip 2: Consider the Function of the Headboard

Even though most headboards have the same function – to add some style to your bedroom and comfort to your bed – it’s a good idea to consider who will be sleeping in the room and what they need. For this guest bedroom, I really wanted the bed to be extremely comfortable so that my guests felt cozy and at home. The style that I thought would work the best for this function was an upholstered headboard. This is also a great style of headboard for sitting up on the bed because it offers luxurious cushioning. If you don’t use your bed for reading or sitting, or if you love lots of decorative pillows for comfort instead of an upholstered headboard, a wooden headboard like this or a metal headboard like this might be a better choice.

Tip 3: Consider the Style of Your Bedroom

How to pick out the perfect headboard for your bedroom

Nailing down the style of your space will help you narrow down the style of headboard that will work in your bedroom. For our guest bedroom, we’re working with some traditional elements like floral wallpaper with classic board and batten trim, but there are some modern elements mixed in too like the copper light fixture and this ikat patterned rug from The Brick. With this “modern farmhouse” style in mind, I was able to narrow down my headboard choices to the Oslo and the Paris. Both of these headboards have traditional farmhouse tufting, but they both have a modern edge with their grey coloured upholstery.

Tip 4: Get an Objective Opinion

How to pick out the perfect headboard for your bedroom

If you’ve narrowed down your headboard options according to the size and style of your room but still can’t decide, get an objective opinion or two! Show a friend your space and your choices and have them tell you which piece they’d put in the space, or take to social media like I did with my headboard options. Instagram Stories polls are SO fun to get some different perspectives on things like room design choices. When I did that, my followers chose the Oslo headboard (only by a bit) because they loved the winged sides, slightly darker color and the straight back. I love it too! Remember that even though it’s helpful to get opinions, you’re the one who has to live in your home so the final decision rests on you.

How to pick out the perfect headboard for your bedroom

I love the headboard in this room, and I’m so happy we picked it! It’s really a nice contrast to the walls and it’s really comfortable. I can’t wait for our summer guests to enjoy it in our new guest bedroom!

Now tell me: Do you prefer using a headboard or a full bed in a bedroom?


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