Our DIY Camper: 2018 Tour

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We’ve had Our DIY Camper for over a year now. Come see how the renovations we’ve made have held up so far and how I’ve styled it for 2018.

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

If you were to ask me what my most favourite DIY that I’ve ever done is, my answer would be: Our DIY Camper. First, the before and after views of the RV are night & day! That’s always so satisfying. And second and most importantly, our family has made a ton of fabulous memories with our camper already. It’s allowed us to travel and explore our country for a lot less than buying a new camper or staying in hotels. We’ve LOVED Our DIY Camper!

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with how all our renovations have held up over this last year. We experience extreme temperature changes here (from -30 C to +30 C within a year), and the finishes have held up great!

Here’s how Our DIY Camper looked when we bought it (it’s a 1992 Vanguard 5th wheel):

Come take the “before” tour right here.

Here’s how I styled it last year after it was freshly renovated:

Our DIY Camper - Gorgeous, renovated RV tour with DIY paint job, vinyl plank flooring, reupholstered cushions, new hardware, updated lighting

Come see last year’s tour right here.

And here it is now:

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

See how we renovated the camper kitchen right here.

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

I’m often asked about the peel & stick tile, countertops & the wallpaper in here, and it all still looks brand new minus a little corner of one of the pieces of wallpaper. It started to peel off a little, and I fixed it with a little more wallpaper paste. Otherwise, I’m so happy with the tile, the counters, the flooring… all of it!

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

We also had a little mishap when driving back from our latest camping trip when a piece of our siding ripped off in the wind (YIKES!), but we’re hoping to fix that this week and get back on the road. The joys of old campers!

See how I slipcovered the jackknife sofa here and how I reupholstered the dinette cushions right here.

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

The painted cabinets have held up beautifully. I attribute that to the generous coat of Varathane Polyurethane that I applied on all of the cabinets to keep them from chipping. It’s really the best to protect painted items that get a lot of use!

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

For this year, I’ve added a little bit of pink to the decor in our camper, and kept all of the copper and some of the blue elements. The “hygge” pillow is from my own collection, and we’ve also been taking this cute little guitelele from Amazon on our recent trips to learn to play some campfire songs!

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

I was first inspired to put a little bit of blush pink into our camper’s decor this year when I found this pink, gold & grey duvet cover at Simons, and then I hung up a blush pink & rose gold scarf I had as a room divider.

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

And don’t forget, I just renovated the tiny bathroom in here last month, and that’s been so much nicer to use this year!

RV bathroom makeover on a budget - great ideas!

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

I’ll be sharing some snaps from our recent camping trips here on the blog soon, but meanwhile here are the sources again for all of the items we’ve used in our camper renovation:

Our DIY Camper Source List:

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

Come take a video tour of Our DIY Camper this year:

Thank you for coming along with me as I show you our camper this year! We just love it so much!

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

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  1. Hey Christina aka DIY Mommy!
    My friend & I found you on YouTube when we decided to renovate her older travel trailer. We followed & duplicated so many things you did to your RV especially your painting techniques/supplies! She is so happy with her little “get away on wheels” and we decided to call ourselves “DIY Grannies”!!!
    Thanks so much for all your inspiration! Your RV is beautiful!!!

  2. Hey there Christina. Did you say that trailer was only 1000$?!! How on earth did you find a deal like that?! The trailer is gorgeous. It’s inspiring. It makes living in a camper look purely blissful. Way to go!! I’m a prairie girl too, I looked last night on Kijiji and there’s NOTHING even close to that kind of deal!

  3. Thank you for the post.
    Important things that you have to bear in mind during the design process should be the wheels/tyres and suspension. The specifications of these things will definitely affect the overall body design and chassis of your camper trailer.

  4. OMG! Your Camper Reno is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I am
    Head Over Heels IN LOVE!!!!! We have an older camper
    and we were thinking of selling it…but now that I have
    seen your camper renovation, it brings so much Hope
    & inspirations, as to what we can do with ours.
    I Love EVERYTHING you did and will probably repeat
    pretty much everything! Can’t thank you enough for
    sharing this with us and for the check list of materials
    and items you used. This truly is incredible and you
    are an artistic (camper) genius!!!


    Much Love & Blessings –
    Aimee – Southern California

  5. Hi There! How is the tub and tile epoxy holding up? Does your family and yourself use the tub frequently?

  6. Thanks for the great post! You have covered here all the renovation of a home especially that sources mentioned like paint, tiles, led lightings and many more. Keep sharing posts like this!

  7. Hi there! I LOVE your camper redo and have referenced it several times for sourcing of a few items. One thing I wondered is how you hung your IKEA Fintorp rails? We are new RV owners and have read time and again that you should not screw anything into your RV walls. We are exploring the option of a pop rivet gun but not sure it would work for this application. I would really appreciate some insight into how you hung your rails. Thank you in advance!

  8. Hello!
    Would love to know which camper model this was? I’m looking to renovate and the size of this one is exactly what I need!

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