Our DIY Camper has been a bigger project than I first anticipated, but we’re nearing the finish line! I’m going to share more of the renovation with you soon (I can’t WAIT to show you the full kitchen!), but for now I wanted to show you how I reupholstered the camper’s dinette cushions. This has made such a difference in the look of this little breakfast nook, and it was a relatively easy DIY.

How to recover camper / RV dinette cushions

The new dinette cushions and a sneak peek of the kitchen

Here’s how the dinette cushions looked before:

How to recover camper / RV dinette cushions

And here’s how the dinette cushions look now:

How to recover camper / RV dinette cushions How to recover camper / RV dinette cushions

I’m so happy with how modern and sleek they look! I decided to go with a dirt-coloured indoor / outdoor fabric (Premier Prints Jackson Indoor/Outdoor Beech Wood) so that they were easy to keep clean. With two dogs and three kids, I wasn’t about to use light coloured or ultra textured fabric on these!

The original foam on the cushions was still in great shape, so I removed all of the old chenille fabric and covered the original foam with a layer of batting. Then, I cut out a rectangular piece of fabric, sewed darts in all of the corners, and stapled it over the foam and onto the plywood backing. I covered the back with the original seats’ backing fabric as it was still in good shape.

I still need to add some paint touch-ups trim to the dinette frame, but the recovered cushions already make this nook look so much better!

You can watch the entire tutorial on how to reupholster camper dinette cushions here:

Stay tuned for more on Our DIY Camper makeover!

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