How to Style a Colourful Sofa

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You know those pieces of furniture that just call to you and ask you to take them home? This was the case with this Paris Loveseat in Ocean I found at The Brick. The colour, the shape, the texture… everything about this little loveseat was perfect for my new studio! If you’ve followed my blog or YouTube channel for a little while, you’ll know that I usually recommend getting your large furniture in a neutral colour, but then I also say that you should decorate with things you LOVE. This was the case with this brightly coloured loveseat! I’ve always adored the colour teal and tufted anything, so I knew this piece would stand the test of time in my studio or home. If you have a brightly coloured sofa or loveseat or you’re considering getting one, read on to see some ideas on how you can style a brightly colored couch!

How to Style a Colorful Couch - Paris Loveseat in Ocean from The Brick

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Purchasing a large piece of furniture like a loveseat or sofa in a statement colour like this beautiful teal is a bold choice, but if it’s in a colour that you adore I think it’s a great way to personalize your home. I’ve loved teal since as long as I can remember, so I know this colour is a good choice for me. I’ve also seen gorgeous rooms designed around couches in beautiful greens, navies and pinks, too!

How to Style a Colorful Couch - Paris Loveseat in Ocean from The Brick

I think that if you choose a sofa in a bright colour, it’s important to remember that it will be the focal point of your space. Keep the rest of your accessories neutral, have them match the sofa colour, or have them compliment the sofa – it’s up to you and your personal taste.

Here are some examples of throw pillows on my bright teal sofa that are neutral, that match it, and that compliment it:

How to Style a Colorful Couch - Paris Loveseat in Ocean from The Brick


These Mongolian Sheepskin Pillows in Dip Dye Grey from The Brick are a soft neutral that pairs well with the teal loveseat. This is a great scheme to try if you really want to highlight your bright couch and keep the accessories low key.

How to Style a Colorful Couch - Paris Loveseat in Ocean from The Brick

Matching (or “Analogous”)

These pillows I made with this fabric and this white Mongolian Sheepskin Pillow match this loveseat because the pillows have teal and colours close to teal on the colour wheel. Using colours together that are next to each other on the colour wheel is also called an analogous colour scheme and you can check out this blog post to download your own colour wheel for reference!

How to Style a Colorful Couch - Paris Loveseat in Ocean from The Brick


Pairing this teal loveseat with red-toned pillows makes for a very vibrant and colourful look. You can learn how to make these DIY piped pillows right here, and the White Mongilian Sheepskin pillow adds some texture to the mix. This pairing works because red and green are opposite each other on the colour wheel, which is called a complimentary colour scheme. Teal is a mixture of blue and green, but it’s still a great compliment to red tones.

How to Style a Colorful Couch - Paris Loveseat in Ocean from The Brick

Now tell me: Which pairing is your favourite? Do you prefer accessorizing a colourful couch with neutrals or brights?


  1. I have a turquoise sofa and love seat in a pinkish beige room so grey is out. I made cushions that are a neutral beige with a cream geometric design. I also made winter cushions that are cream with a pale teal and tan wide open plaid. Love the material. My side chair is upholstered in cream with thin woven stripes
    of pale teal and pink. I love my living room and everyone who visits says how very cozy it looks.
    I prefer the pink patterned cushions in your room. Not a fan of the furry stuff.

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