How to Style a Motion Reclining Sofa for Him & Her: A Modern Coastal Living Room Design (Video)

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Here’s a common decorating problem I often hear of (and one I’ve encountered in our own home): is it possible to find a couch that’s both comfy and stylish? If one partner (for me, my HUBBY!) wants a big, puffy reclining sofa and the other wants something more sleek, what are our options? I 100% believe that you can indeed make both people happy in this situation and I’m excited to share with you today some ideas in video form that I hope will inspire you!

I’m really thrilled to be partnering with The Brick this year on a fun video series that will answer some of your questions about upholstered furniture, your options, and how to incorporate it into your home’s decor. It’s the Year Of Upholstery! Each month, we’ll address a question and give you some easy and beautiful solutions on how you can create a functional and gorgeous room that includes upholstered pieces.

Here’s January’s question: 

Hey Christina,

My husband and I are looking for a new sofa for our living room and he wants something big, comfy and puffy with the cupholders and recliner and the whole deal and I want something a little more stylish. How can we compromise?

~ Julia

Watch below to see my answer to the question and some ideas I have to create a space around the furniture we sourced:

I think the Brick and I have come up with the perfect solution for this issue – just have a look at the sofa we feature in my design and you’ll see for yourself how pretty it looks in the space! To be honest, I had my doubts that we could find a motion reclining sofa that actually looked stylish and that I could be inspired by, but this sofa totally exceeded my expectations.

Modern Coastal Living Room Design Mood Board

Watch below to see how my room design turned out and how we incorporated this sofa into a trendy, beautiful living room design. I’m calling it modern coastal, and I think it looks so calm and lovely. There are some styling tips here too that I hope you’ll enjoy and find useful for your own space! All of the electronics, furniture and accessories in this living room design are from The Brick and you can pause the last frame of this video if you want to see their names to find them for yourself!

Now I’d love to hear from YOU! Have an upholstered furniture question you want answered? Wondering how to arrange your pieces, what material to choose with your paint colour, or how to find the best upholstered piece for your family’s needs? Comment below or on our social media channels (either mine or The Brick’s). You never know: next month we might help you turn your living space into something fabulous!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Brick. As always, all of the opinions here are my own. I only recommend companies that I use and love myself.


  1. GREAT JOB!! I’m so happy for you, Christina!

    Very nice room you put together, and I have to agree that that couch is stylish. I also loved the coffee table!

  2. Hey There DIYmom,
    You have provided very insightful tips here and your recliner recommendations are wonderful. You really worded hard to come up with this in for. Thanks and keep up. Will keep checking for more.

  3. I was looking for inspiration on how to style a reclining sofa and found your blog. I’d love to see what you did, but the video comes up as private. Is there any way to still see your room?

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