IKEA Hack : Make a cozy pom pom throw blanket

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Don’t want to spend over $100 on a pom-pom trimmed throw blanket for your winter decor? You can make something that looks just as beautiful for less than $40 with an IKEA blanket! Let me show you how to make this easy and affordable DIY IKEA hack.

IKEA hack: pom-pom throw blanket!

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I still love pom-poms and I’ve been adding them to this year’s Christmas and winter decor. They’re so cute and happy looking! I wanted a chunky knit pom-pom trimmed throw blanket in our home for winter, but they can be expensive to purchase. Look at this lovely blanket for $140! I adore it, but I thought I could make something just as cute for less money.

Learn how to make an expensive looking pom pom trimmed blanket with the IKEA Ingabritta throw

Enter the IKEA INGABRITTA throw blanket. I have this soft knit blanket in both off white and pink, and it’s only $30. It’s very soft and very oversized, so it’s a great value.

To give the blanket some interest and a little DIY flair, all I did was create 4 large pom-poms with chunky off-white yarn using my favourite pom-pom maker!

Then, I tied one pom-pom onto each of the four corners of my blanket using more chunky yarn. It’s a simple hack, and it makes the blanket look so high-end!

Watch this IKEA blanket hack and more DIY IKEA ideas for Christmas in my video below:

IKEA hack: pom-pom throw blanket! 

What do you think of this simple DIY hack? I’ll take one in every colour, please!

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  1. That’s so pretty with the pompoms. My spoiled rotten dog snagged my light blue Ingabritta then ran dragging it because I yelled at him. It’s a mess now. I’m crocheting a blackberry salad blanket (from Moogly) for my nephew. I was thinking just last night that it needs a big pompom on each corner and was wondering if they hold up if it’s ever washed. Do you know? Thanks.

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