Our Vintage Inspired Glam Christmas Mantel + Make Glittered Canvas Art

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This year’s Christmas mantel decor is almost a throwback to my 2014 Christmas mantel. I found decorating for Christmas a little hard this year, so I went back to my decor roots – rustic glam in my favourite shades of warm blues! I dug up my glittery “JOY” DIY artwork and our Anthropologie inspired stockings, added some fresh greenery, used a couple of old and thrifted items and topped it all off with some twinkly LED lights to complete the look. Come have a look at our mantel decor this year, see how YOU can make this glittery DIY art, and get a free printable to do it!

This post was first published in December 2014 and has been updated with new text & photos.

Rustic Glam Christmas Mantel Christmas Living Room Decor

One of my favourite parts of this mantel is my DIY Joy to the World artwork on a vintage map.

Here’s how I made our glittery Joy to the World canvas.

How to make large vintage map glitter Joy to the World canvas art


How to make large vintage map glitter Joy to the World canvas art


Click here or on the image below to download for FREE the Joy to the World 24 x 36″ art I made & print it via a large format printing service like Staples (FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY):

DIY Glitter Vintage Map Canvas for Christmas

How to make large vintage map glitter Joy to the World canvas art

Paint the edge of the canvas and a little bit of the top edge with the black paint.

Spread Mod Podge on the back of your printed artwork with a large foam brush, and then carefully turn the artwork to its right side and smooth it onto the large canvas. Smooth out any creases or bubbles.

How to make large vintage map glitter Joy to the World canvas art

Once the art is completely dry, take a fine craft brush, dip it into mod podge, and paint over the letters on the art that you want glittered. Do one letter at a time so that the Mod Podge doesn’t dry out.

Sprinkle glitter over the wet Mod Podge. Allow it to dry, and then shake off the excess glitter.

That’s it; you’re done!

DIY Glitter Vintage Map Canvas for Christmas

I used my own artwork that I made myself with Photoshop that you can buy here, but you could do this with any large artwork that had words that were easy enough to paint with Mod Podge.

In case you missed it, I’ve also used vintage maps to wrap my Christmas presents:

Wrap Christmas presents in vintage maps that you find or print, and accent them with green, teal and gold ribbon

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Love this !! It is gorgeous but where did you get the the vintage map?
    I would love to make one next year but have never seen the vintage map. Approximately how large is the finished project? Thank you for sharing. You have quite a talent.

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