5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Laundry Room Safe & Organized

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Creating a safe and organized laundry room doesn’t have to be tricky – take it from me, a lazy housekeeper that needs all my organizing solutions as simple as possible! Here are some ideas on how to keep your laundry room safe for your family and looking neat and tidy.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tide. As always, all of the opinions here are my own.

1: Continually purge any clothing & linens that you don’t use

Keep a bag in your laundry room (mine’s in my tall cupboard) where you can continually put clothing and other items that your family has outgrown. This will help keep your sorting & purging manageable – it’s so much easier than having to sort through giant piles of items once every year or two! Once the bag is full, bring it to your favourite thrift store. So easy!

2: Use baskets to corral small items

If you’ve followed along with me for any length of time, you’ll know that I adore bins and baskets for an easy way to organize. Keep baskets of all sizes in your laundry room for little things that could get lost otherwise. I store anything from cleaning supplies and light bulbs to swimming goggles and soccer gear in our laundry room baskets.

3: Keep items up and off the floors and counters with wall storage

Another laundry room organization trick I love is using wall space to hang items for easy access. We made a giant pegboard in our laundry area to hang cleaning supplies and laundry hampers, but wall hooks would also work! This helps me easily keep my floor and counter clear.

4: Wipe knobs and handles often with disinfectant

Laundry room cupboard and door handles get touched often, so keeping them clean is a great way to make your laundry room tidy and fresh. Clean them weekly with a disinfectant and a microfibre cloth.

5: Keep laundry detergents and cleaners out of reach of children

It’s important to keep your household cleaners and laundry pacs up and away from the reach of children. I keep my Tide laundry pacs on a high shelf in our laundry room behind a closed door. We’ve been using Tide for years and love how easy laundry day is made when using their liquid laundry pacs.

With these simple tips, your laundry room will stay tidy and safe with not much effort at all! Heck, you might even start to enjoy doing laundry a little more with an organized space to sneak off to!

Now tell me: What are your tricks to keeping your laundry room organized and safe for your family?


  1. Tidy and gorgeous, Christina. I love the elegant interior most especially the theme colour. You tackle the simplest, yet profound tips. And yes, I’m using baskets for small items as well. I will surely check your other post. Great stuff.

  2. Can you please send a link to the white cabinet you placed in the middle. Also, did you buy a precut piece of butcher block or did you have it cut to size? Thanks!

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