9 Creative Boho Chic DIY & Decor Ideas

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I love Boho-inspired home decor! In this roundup post, I’ve collected a little bit of everything (in true boho form) to give you some ideas for decorating your own home (and person!) with this style this season. Home decoration accent items, furniture, lighting, ways to dress up a bedroom and your jacket in true bohemian style…you’ll find it all here! And I’ve even included a bonus section for boho DIY decor ideas for your home in every season. Let’s get to it! 

Boho Lighting 

Switching your lighting is a great way to change the look and feel of a room easily and on a budget! Here are some boho DIY decor ideas for lighting up your space.

Ceiling Light DIY – $7 Boho Makeover!

We’ve all seen the boring flush mount ceiling lights that seem to come standard. Some people like to call them “boob lights”, and it’s obvious why! I think they are dated and lacking in personality. Also, I wanted to give the one in Our DIY Camper 2.0 a budget-friendly upgrade. Using this Rustoleum Pure Gold Spray Paint, these wooden beads, this macrame string, and some leftover cardboard, I made our boob lights into these beautiful and unique DIY boho beaded light fixtures! I love how they add texture and a bit of boho glam style to our camper. They only cost me $7 to make, and I can’t wait to show you how it’s done. Click for step by step instructions, including a tutorial video on how to turn your own boring lights into boho home decor!

See how I transformed a flush mount fixture in our camper with this ceiling light DIY $7 boho makeover!

Make a DIY Macrame Boho Chandelier with Fairy Lights

Learn how to make a beautiful DIY macrame boho chandelier with fairy lights with this step by step tutorial! It works beautifully for indoors or outdoors and doesn’t require any wiring. It’s a unique piece that works well as a sparkly, outdoor light for your summer porch or patio. I also love how it looks in my studio. This is a great beginner’s macrame project because it only involves two simple types of macrame knots: a lark’s head knot and a square knot. This is also a relatively inexpensive project because it uses only a little macrame cord, one embroidery hoop, some chandelier chain, and some cheap fairy lights. Visit the full post for tutorial videos on basic crochet knots AND the step by step to make this gorgeous chandelier.

DIY Macrame Boho Chandelier with Fairy Lights

Boho Accent Pieces 

Sometimes you just need to add a bit of flair here and there to get the effect you want for your space! Here I’ve collected my instructions for some simple boho DIY decor accent ideas that are easy to make but have a big impact on the feel of your room. 

Make a DIY Boho Throw Pillow from Dollar Tree Bath Mats

I love the look of natural coloured, cotton throw pillows with tons of texture. They are perfect for a boho or farmhouse themed home, and complement so many other pieces! When I found some bath mats at Dollar Tree in the perfect colour I knew I could make something similar to a pillow I saw at HomeSense, except on a budget! This pillow doesn’t require any sewing, and it’s easy to make. You’ll need to know how to use a glue gun and make a crochet chain with your fingers. That’s it! Check out my  step by step instructions on how to make this easy DIY bath mat pillow to add to your eclectic style room this season.

DIY boho throw pillow from Dollar Tree bath mats

DIY Dollar Tree Macrame Vase for Spring

Take a Dollar Tree spring vase to the next level by creating a beautiful macrame detail for it! This is a great project if you’re new to macrame, and gives off a gorgeous boho vibe for your spring decor this year. When I saw this beautiful aqua coloured vase at Dollar Tree, I grabbed it right away thinking I’d love to incorporate it into my spring decor. It was pretty as-is, but the addition of a DIY macrame embellishment gives it a little extra something! Visit the full post for a materials list and instructional video on how to create this look for your own home. 

How to make a macrame collar for a Dollar Tree vase for Spring decor

DIY Boho Headboard from a Vintage Screen

Are you looking for a fun upcycling project? Come see how I made this beautiful boho-inspired headboard (that’s almost like a feature accent wall!) for my daughter’s rich and magical bedroom makeover. She loved the look of a detailed rattan headboard like this, but with a price tag of almost $1000 I wanted to come up with a similar look on a budget. I found a gorgeous wooden screen at my local antique store. I decided it would make the perfect headboard for Little A’s room. I’ve included a step by step tutorial video. Come and see what a little white paint and some twinkly lights can do! 

DIY Boho Headboard from a Vintage Screen

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger with a Thrifted Vase

When a thrifting adventure leads to unexpected inspiration, I love it! I stumbled across a couple of vintage globe vases at my local thrift store. I knew then that they would be a perfect addition to the macrame plant hangers I was planning to make. These plant hangers are a fantastic project if you’re just getting started with macrame. You only need to know a couple of basic macrame knots. Also, you can use your creative license on these and make your own design! Click the link to see how it all came together for a really beautiful DIY, and to watch the step by step tutorial so you can make your own! 

How to make a DIY macrame plant hanger with a thrifted vase and faux succulents

Make a Macrame Table Runner

This Anthropologie inspired macrame table runner that I used in my Fall tablescape was my first ever macrame project, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I picked up some inexpensive poly/cotton clothesline from the home improvement store, watched a video on basic macrame knots, and got to work! This project does take a bit of time to create. It is also fun and relaxing once you figure out the knots. Want to try? Visit the full post for links to a tutorial video on basic macrame knots AND my own step by step tutorial that shows you how to create this gorgeous table runner. 

How to make an Anthropologie inspired macrame table runner (video tutorial)

Make a DIY Summer Hoop Wreath

Learn how to make a beautiful hoop wreath for your home, customized just for you and your style! You’ll need a metal hoop, macrame cord, and embellishments of your choice to make this gorgeous decor piece. Faux succulents were my choice of embellishment. For a more country/romantic version of this wreath tie a mix of macrame cord and cotton lace trim to the base of your covered hoop with lark’s heads knots and use faux peonies. The sky’s the limit, really! Visit the full post for step by step instructions.

Summer hoop wreath idea with macrame cord and faux succulents or flowers

Tassel DIY Ideas: An Embellished Jacket, Boho Necklace & Bag

Finally, I’m loving tassel ANYTHING this season! This post is about tassel DIY projects for clothing accessories rather than decor, and they are so easy to make and wear. The embellished denim jacket was inspired by one I had seen at Anthropologie. I pinned discount tassel earrings through an inexpensive jean jacket and trimmed the backs of them with tin snips. This gave me the same look for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’s a cute DIY that can be changed easily. The boho-style necklace was so simple. I strung a discount pendant and craft store tassel onto a faux gold chain! And the tassel market bag was easy too. I just sewed some craft store tassels onto a straw bag I bought at Michaels with my coupon. Tassels add a little fun to these perfect-for-spring accessory items. Learn to make your own tassel accessories with my step by step tutorial.

DIY Tassel Bag

Bonus Seasonal Ideas

Just as I promised, here are four seasonal boho DIY decor ideas! One each for fall, winter, spring, and summer so you can see how to add boho touches to your home and outdoor spaces year round. 

Boho Living Room Fall Decorating Ideas

I love decorating for fall, and here I opted for something very simple and natural looking. A combination of cozy textiles, warm colours, and lots of texture gives our living room a soft, boho feel. On the mantel, a mirror, some candlesticks, a couple of plants, and some DIY pressed fern art gives our fireplace an understated look. Like the fern art? You can learn how to make it on my DIY Dollar Tree Fall Decor video right here. Some books, faux leaves, and a faux pumpkin help dress the table for autumn.

Layering a colourful rug over a neutral sisal rug gives our living room a cozy and seasonal look without spending money on a larger sized rug. And it’s always a good idea to add vintage or second-hand pieces to a space to give it more charm and history. For all the details on the accessories I chose and all the other touches I added to the space, visit the full post and see how to give your home the same look!

Boho Living Room Fall Decor Ideas

Rustic Boho Glam Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

I want to give you a closer look at our Christmas tree style, plus show you how to decorate your own rustic boho glam Christmas tree with elements like oversized pom-poms, rustic floral picks, hand painted ornaments, and neutral metallic colours. Oversized DIY pom-poms give the tree texture and interest. They’re so fun to make, too! I used chunky yarn and a pom-pom maker to make mine. Then, I added further texture to my tree with rose gold and champagne gold wired ribbon. Rustic floral picks give fullness and a natural look to the tree. The fluffy pom-pom picks and glittered picks add even more texture. Hand painted ornaments mixed with rose gold and white glass ball ornaments add a subtle boho style to this Christmas tree. 

Even though my Christmas tree is neutral, I love all of the different elements. It’s cozy, glamorous and natural-looking – just the way I want our Christmas home to feel! Create your own rustic boho glam Christmas tree with my full tutorial and product links.

Rustic Boho Glam Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

How to Decorate Your Bedroom Boho Style (without buying anything!)

I still love our rustic farmhouse bedroom that we renovated in 2016. Also, it’s nice to give it seasonal updates every now and then. I think it’s a fun challenge to decorate a space without spending a dime. Here are things I did to our bedroom to give it a $0 boho-inspired refresh for the new season! Using materials I already had on hand, I created a DIY rustic wood bench from lumber scraps and then a handmade lumbar pillow from extra fabric I had in my stash. To give the room some casual, boho flair, I added macrame detail accents to our bedside light fixtures. I love how these turned out! 

And course, we all know Christmas lights aren’t just for Christmas! I wrapped some LED twinkle lights around our floor mirror to give it a romantic glow. I added some personal items for decor accessories for an easy, quirky, and free finishing touch. The accent blankets, lantern, tray, and accessories were all things I’ve had for years. You could use a basket, bowls, or anything else you love to look at too! For more details about the DIY items, I created this tutorial video on how I transformed my boho bedroom for spring without spending any money so you can too! 

Boho farmhouse master bedroom decor ideas on a budget

Modern Boho Deck Makeover

Finally, turn your back deck into a chic place to hang out with friends and give your space a budget-friendly DIY modern boho makeover! To pull this look together, I made an outdoor sofa from 2x4s. The DIY sisal ottoman is made from an upcycled tire. I love how it adds some rustic texture to this look! The Moroccan inspired floor mat beneath the ottoman was made with a simple Sharpie and painter’s drop cloth. The wall hanging is made from some faux greenery squares that I attached to the wall of the pergola. I love how they add some life and colour to the space without any maintenance required. The purple in the wall hanging inspired me to add some more purples with a pillow, a lantern, and a faux orchid. The lights are a set of commercial string lights that I hung with small cup hooks from the pergola. Now, I think they add so much ambiance to this outdoor area, and the lanterns decorating the space do too. Visit the full post for some instructional videos, video tours of the space, and some great before and after pics! 

Budget Friendly Modern Boho Deck Makeover

Well there you have it! A bunch of boho DIY decor ideas to add charm to your home, deck, and even your clothes! I hope you found something inspiring, and I would love it if you tagged me @TheDIYMommy with your finished projects.  Happy crafting everyone!

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